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For a list of Sweden Updates.

US Round 34 - March 6th, 2015

  • Players will need to start a company before they can buy shares. Previously we could buy shares without starting a company first, but we could not receive dividends if we did not start a company. This change makes sense, and should affect very few players.
  • There is an updated tutorial which will hopefully help new players better learn the game and stick around longer. All players will see this tutorial every time you start a new company, but there is an option to hide it. Please do let me know if you see any problems, or anything else that should be included.
  • The left-side game links have been reorganized.

US Round 33 - December 20th, 2015

  • Players buying goods will occasionally need to fill in a captcha to prove you are human.
  • Bugfix: After resetting your company, selling the new company shares to the bank the first day will no longer use the prior company’s cached share value.
  • Bugfix: Near the bottom of the share details pages, when share price change is negative, the % change is now also negative, and displayed in red.
  • Bugfix:On the calculation of salary page, the shop salary section now shows market price for shop goods, and not the shop sales price. Shop salaries have always been based on the market price of goods.
  • In addition to the change last year to not show the ABC salary payment option to gold members when the salary account is underfunded, now it will also give you an error if you load the salary page with enough funds before the top of the hour but try to ABC pay salaries after they increase at the top of the hour and you no longer have enough funds.
  • “https” links posted in the forum are now automatically made clickable. Previously only "http" links were automatically made clickable.
  • Added graphical smileys to the forums .

US Round 31 - July 19th, 2015

  • Inactive players will be bankrupted sooner. If you don’t login for 11 days in a row, your company will be bankrupted. Players with goldmembership will have their company deactivated after not logging in for 21 days.
  • New zone areas will open sooner. For downtown, a new area will open when all of the other downtown areas in a city have fewer than 35% of zones remaining. For countryside, a new area will open when all of the other countryside areas in a city have fewer than 60% of zones remaining.
  • Any points remaining after decreasing current dissatisfaction to 1 will be applied to reduce upcoming dissatisfaction penalties. It only effects dissatisfaction penalties that have already been accrued at the time. Dissatisfaction will still increase by a minimum of 1 per day. If you get a new penalty, it will be fully applied the next day (unless you make them happy again).
  • Players who have finished in the top 3 c-rank, s-rank, or are currently in the top 3 TOP rank will have new bling next to their names in the forums and on their profile page.
  • The collection of records data has been moved to midnight (instead of 23:50). This will make the records pages more accurate and up to date.
  • When firing staff, the confirmation page now shows salary owed, social fees, termination fee, and the total.
  • New record viewing option: Records from last round.

US Round 30 - May 3rd, 2015

  • During the week off between rounds, at the top of the page we will now see a random selection of past company logos instead of no logos at all.
  • The bank information page has been updated with more details, and graphs were added for goldmembers. It also includes a link to see detailed “government” income and expenses.
  • The production points of new unemployed workers will slowly increase as the round progresses. By the last day, newly created unemployed workers will have production points ranging from 61 to 84.
  • On the “In and Out -> Savings” page, there are now separate line items for share dividend income and other share transactions.
  • New records added:
    Total CV gained from investing
    Most S-points in 1 week
    Total S-points in a round
    Total dividends paid in a round
    Total dividends received in a round
    Highest net profit from share sales - purchases
    Total salaries paid in a round
    Most savings on the fuel account
    Most vehicle fleet cv earned in 1 day
    Most goods consumed in all factories in 1 day
    Total goods consumed in all factories in a round
    Total number of goods sold in shops
    Total income from shop sales
    Total office income in a round
    Most CV earned from market sales bonus in 1 day
    Total CV earned from market sales bonus in a round
    Total number of goods bought
    Total paid to buy goods
    Total number of goods sold on the market
    Total income from market sales

US Round 29 - February 15th, 2015

  • A new game template better suited to mobile devices is available on the 'Settings' page.
  • The ability to customize the game colors has also been added to the 'Settings' page.
  • Improvements to these are ongoing throughout the round.

Updated March 24th

  • The hilighting of unread forum posts is no longer goldmember only.
  • When reading forum threads it will jump to the first unread post.

US Round 28 - November 30th, 2014

  • The vehicle price increase is changing to 2.5x the cost of the previous vehicle of that type (previously it was 2x). Initial vehicle prices are not changing.
  • Players can now choose the type of route their trucks will haul. The choices are: load normally, only load goods for the short in-city routes, or only load goods going to a different city. Each truck can be set independently.
  • Better hi-lighting of zone areas has been added to show which areas are still above the threshold to open a new area.
  • A new link under "Info" which shows a summary for all the different buildings available.
  • The number of cities used each round will now be determined by the record number of companies the previous round:
    fewer than 600 companies = 10 cities
    600 to 699 = 11 cities
    700 to 799 = 12 cities
    800 to 899 = 13 cities
    900 to 999 = 14 cities
    1000 to 1199 = 15 cities
    1200 to 1399 = 16 cities
    1400 to 1599 = 17 cities
    1600 to 1799 = 18 cities
    1800 to 1999 = 19 cities
    2000+ companies = 20 cities

Updated December 7th, 2014

  • No more "server is busy" page for anyone :-)
  • No more being logged out after 30 minutes :-)
  • The market for sale page will now automatically update the data every 3 seconds for 10 minutes, after which players will need to restart the update timer for each additional 10 minutes. For impatient players, you can also manually click, click, click the update timer to refresh the data more often without reloading the whole page.
  • More data was added to the market page including the amount coming to market sometime in the next 2 hours, and the amount of your daily purchase limit that is remaining.
  • Made a code change that will update the new share prices sooner after midnight. The old share prices were getting stuck in a cache for a few minutes after midnight resulting in share orders using the outdated price.

US Round 27 - September 14th, 2014

  • Bugfix: Players will no longer see their own shares listed for purchase if you already own 2. Previously these were being displayed but the share order would always fail.
  • Bugfix: The in-out cv page will no longer include cv changes for transactions of players who do not have a company, since cv is always 0 with no company. Affected transactions: voting income, donating, poll income, share purchases and sales.
  • Goldmember days will only be deducted when you have an active company. Previously these were being deducted from everyone, every midnight that the round was in progress, regardless if the account was active.

US Round 26 - June 29th, 2014

  • The button to send vehicles to a different city was moved to above the list of goods waiting to move from that city.
  • A new column for round totals was added to the In and Out pages.
  • Small updates were made to the In and Out page data so the round totals will better match our actual cv and savings.
  • Gold members now have pie charts and history graphs for the In and Out page data.
  • Gold members now have history graphs on the Trends pages for production, bank sales, market sales, and shop sales.
  • Added a new game page with a summary of buildings, upgrades, points, staff profession, etc.

Mid round updates

  • The ABC instant salary pay for gold members has been hidden when the salary account is underfunded.
  • New Trends page for office jobs.
  • More updates to gold member graphs.

US Round 25 - April 13th, 2014

  • Players can now earn dividends from up to 2 of their own company shares if they are in your top 50 most valuable shares.
  • The daily goods purchasing limits are being increased. For shop goods you can now purchase up to 1000 per shop which sells that product, while for goods consumed in factories you can now purchase up to 2000 per factory which requires those goods. The default purchase limit is still 2500.
  • Cars are no longer being offered for sale to haul cargo.
  • Trucks (and only trucks) will now have the opportunity to haul goods sold and purchased from the same city. Previously these goods did not produce a vehicle assignment. These cargo loads will be for 50 miles each. Trucks will still be able to haul normal cargo loads as well.

A few small bug fixes:

  • Staff dissatisfaction will no longer increase for active players who do not yet have a company.
  • Selling your own company shares on the market will no longer be counted towards the 5 share per day limit on receiving s-points, since you do not receive s-points from selling your own company shares.
  • New zone areas should properly show up on the Map page immediately after being opened, instead of delayed until after the first building is placed.

US Round 24 - January 26th, 2014

  • The option to play the US version in Swedish has been added. Other languages are being actively worked on.
  • The right-side menu has been reorganized.
  • A couple small tweaks to the vehicle list display: You can now see how long a vehicle has been waiting in a city, and you can now see if a forwarding city is set.
  • On the vehicle page to send it to a different city: Switching cities will automatically update the city data. You no longer need to click the 'show' button.
  • Bugfix for the inverted vehicle queue position that we saw occasionally.. example: position 23 / 20 in the queue.
  • From now on when we accept a new company logo, ALL votes for the previous logo are removed.
  • Moved the c-rank and s-rank re-ordering scripts to be ran after all other relevant scripts. They were being ran before a few other important scripts. This should make the rank ordering slightly more accurate.
  • A small adjustment to the game's browser width.

US Round 22 - August 25th, 2013

  • Added the option to view your personal best records on the records pages.
  • Blog posting is now available to non-goldmembers.
  • Players can now sell any shares to the bank at any time, but in order to offset it's investment risk, the bank is only willing to pay up to 80% of the current share value. No s-points are gained when selling shares to the bank. Shares with a risk class greater than 1 will be discounted an additional 10% per increase in risk class. During the last week of the round, the bank's psychic accountants start feeling uneasy and begin discounting the price they will pay for shares by an additional 5% per day. So by the last day of the round, the bank will pay 50% for a risk class 1 share, 10% for a risk class 5, etc.
  • Shares will be automatically sold for the current bank price at the end of the round and income invested.
  • On both the Shares list and My Shares pages, share names will appear in orange for risk class 2 or 3 shares (inactive 2 to 7 days), while risk class 4 and 5 shares will be displayed in red (7+ days inactive). Shares from active players (risk class 1) will be displayed as normal in black.
  • On the My Shares / latest dividend page, your top 50 shares which will pay you dividends will have their dividend displayed in green, while shares which won't pay you dividends are listed in red.
  • Building sales and production tweaks:
    - Fishing fleet: base 55 to 66 and efficiency 40 to 56
    - Gas station: base 36 to 60 and efficiency 55 to 65
    - Liquor store: base 36 to 66 and efficiency 50 to 60
    - Grocery: base 45 to 30 and efficiency 45 to 35
    - Kiosk: base 30 to 20 and efficiency 40 to 30
  • Forum posts, blogs, team shout boxes and player shout box will now text-wrap instead of making the pages extremely wide when a long line of unbroken text is used (aka: some links).
  • The section regarding "-8888 the round has not started yet" on the main page will only be displayed once per login before the round starts.
  • The section regarding "you do not have goldmembership" on the main page will only be displayed once per day while the round is in progress, only once during the week off in-between rounds, and will never be shown to new players who have registered in the previous 7 days.
  • The "server is busy" page encountered by non-gm's has been reduced to 15 seconds instead of the previous 30 seconds. Have also removed the +30 second time penalty from trying to load a page too soon.

US Round 21 - June 9th, 2013

  • Goods starting prices are now randomized:
    - 1st level goods = old default price + random (0 to 5)
    - 2nd & 3rd level goods = 2 * lower level price + random (8 to 12)
  • Company value earned from transporting goods is reduced by 50%.
  • Previous records for cv earned by vehicles have been reduced by 50% to prevent those records from becoming unbeatable.
  • Doubled the s-points earned from selling shares on the market which have increased in value since they were purchased. 1 point per i$100 increase, instead of 1 point per i$200 increase.
  • Bugfix: Share price increases from winning an award are now included in the share price history for that day.
  • Reorganized and updated the main staff page showing your employees:
    - Now includes reliability and salary percent for your employees.
    - Added ability to sort by multiple columns and by ascending or descending.
    - Goldmembers now have an easier way to move staff around or retrain them.
    - Goldmembers have the option to see all their staff's stats on the same page.
  • You can now change your player name for FREE during the week before a new round starts.
  • Players who finish in the top 25 c-rank or s-rank will have their name permanently added to the list of available employee names IF it is a real first or last name (including proper capitalization).

Updated July 31st, 2013

  • On the Factory details pages, factory production "last hour" will now show 0 WHEN production was halted due to a full warehouse. Previously it displayed data from the last productive hour.
  • On the Staff page, the gray-white background behind the employee names was only being displayed in white since this round started.
  • On the Staff page for goldmembers, vehicles with an absent employee are no longer displayed in the list of jobs to move employees into.
  • On the main non-logged in page with the TO guy image, the 404 'page not found' links have been fixed for: Contact us and more info. These were caused by an old unused domain name they have recently allowed to expire.
  • The secretary message for shop upgrades had a bad link, now fixed.
  • Started saving everyone's personal records so there will be data from this round when we launch the upgrade for "personal records" next round.
  • Moved the 23:50 records script to be ran after the "server is busy" page is removed.

Updated August 1st, 2013

  • The "server is busy" page encountered by non-gm's has been reduced to 15 seconds instead of the previous 30 seconds. We have also removed the +30 second time penalty from trying to load a page too soon.
  • The section regarding "you do not have goldmembership" on the main page will only be displayed once per day while the round is in progress, only once during the week off in-between rounds, and will never be shown to new players who have registered in the previous 7 days.

US Round 20 - March 24th, 2013

  • Added over 50 new cities to the database. The 20 cities used are randomly chosen.
  • Players can no longer build clinics until game day 3 (Wednesday) since they are completely worthless during the first 72+ hours. You will also see a warning message for the first week. Other offices will display a warning for the first 30 hours.
  • Small display bugfix for amount of goods you can purchase. Previously when you bought the maximum amount of a product for the day, then tore down those shops or factories and tried to buy the same product it would display a negative number for the amount that you could purchase.
  • New records were added.
    - Biggest cv increase in one day
    - Biggest cv increase in one week
    - Largest warehouse
    - Total value of other companies' shares owned
    - Best employee production points
    - Company value earned by a vehicle fleet
    - Most goods sold in shops in 1 day
    - Highest total office income in one day
    - Highest income in 1 office in one day
    - Highest total income in 1 office

US Round 19 - January 6th, 2013

  • Game credits were revalued.
  • Zaypay was added to support buying credits with a text message in 20+ countries.

US Round 17 - August 5th, 2012

  • Buxfix for vehicle driver salaries which were not being updated after their attribute points increased.
  • A new on-site transport tool map. Gold members have the ability to adjust the city coloring formula.
  • A reorganized "Upcoming Events" area which separates main events from buildings and vehicles.
  • Added a few new timers to the "Upcoming Events":
    - First price change of the round.
    - Next dividend payment.
    - Negative savings penalty fine accessed.
    - Zoning fines (in the next 24 hours).
    - Zone repossession (in the next 24 hours).
    - Office job completion estimate.
  • A new section for company warnings will now be displayed on the front page to new players for 2 weeks to help them get started.
    - Negative savings (below 0)
    - Salary account underfunded and due within 24 hours
    - Dissatisfaction above 15%
    - Warehouse too full (empty space is less than your average production)
    - Fuel account under i$ 750
    - Zoning fine in next 24 hours
    - Zone repossession in next 24 hours
    - Building was purchased but not placed
    - Office is idle (no active jobs in queue)
    - Building not fully staffed (absent or never placed)
    - Vehicle not fully staffed (absent or never placed)

US Round 16 - May 20th, 2012

Updated June 18th, 2012

  • Players can now see the loan interest rate even if they have taken the maximum 10 loans.
  • Completed office jobs are now listed by date completed, instead of by date created.
  • Added the "Live Chat" link back onto the right side menu. This chatroom may not please everyone, but it's better than nothing. If you have an IRC client, you may also reach the chatroom by going to and joining channel #tycoononline.
  • Transactions that occur at the same time are now listed in the exact order they were processed. Newest on top and older on the bottom.

US Round 15 - March 4th, 2012

  • Running on an updated / faster server.
  • There is a new way to look at records made - in the past year. You can access this from the menu on the individual record pages.
  • The stockpile bugfix that we have been testing has been implemented.
  • The record for greatest dividend received will now only list a player once per round instead of the same player being listed 2 or more times for the same round.
  • Building numbering starts at 01 instead of 1 to help keep them in order if/when you build more than 10 of the same.

US Round 14 - December 18, 2011

  • Added a secondary sort to the player transport list to prevent the ordering from changing after page reloads.
  • Added reminder on main page if player still has a trial gm membership available.
  • Fixed the Facebook news feed link on the 'My Shares' page. When you have shares for sale on the market, you can now spam your Facebook friends to buy them.
  • Builders in shops now display in the correct (blue) color when building.
  • The transaction details page for hiring staff shows their profession instead of an error.
  • New players now only receive 1 introduction secretary message instead of 2.
  • Player passwords are now stored encrypted instead of in plain text.

Updated December 28th, 2011

  • Fixed a bug where players lose Facebook gifts if they accept them while the 'Server is busy'. Players can now accept Facebook gifts while the 'Server is busy' page is active.
  • Updated tutorial messages for buying zones and placing buildings.
  • Updated tutorial messages for hiring staff.
  • Change the tutorial box color to yellow instead of gray so it will be more noticeable.
  • Updated the instructions for each voting site.
  • Fixed 'mileage' misspelling on the records pages.
  • Removed strange 'un' text from the bank information page.
  • Fixed the 'Shop Upgrade' page heading to display 'My Shops' instead of 'My Factories'.
  • Added country flags for Uruguay and Nigeria.
  • Fixed the 4 records that always stopped updating part way through the top 50:
    - Highest total production in one factory
    - Most total sales in one shop
    - Highest production in one factory in one day
    - Most sales in one shop in one day
  • Removed all-time records that were made following a bug last round (Round 13) in which the midnight calculation did not run and the records posted were 48 hour totals. The records effected were:
    - Most sales in one shop in one day
    - Highest production in one factory in one day

Updated January 16th, 2012

  • Made a few more changes to the page which is displayed after a round is completed but before the server is reset.
  • Updated the building text: "There is no staff in this office" to be "There are no employees working in this office". Also changed for shops and factories.
  • Added a definition for the "code 28" given on the Orders page for investments and fuel / salary deposits..
  • Updates to Facebook gift sending and inviting friends pages to use updated Facebook code.
  • Changes to the vehicle Boost function. There were so many good ideas submitted in the contest we decided to rename each vehicle boost to be different. They are now:
    - Car - Flux Capacitor
    - Truck - Traffic Light Auto Changer
    - Trailer - Radar Detector
    - Train - Cappuccino Machine
    - Airplane - TO Turbo Jet

US Round 13 - October 2nd, 2011

Updated November 5th, 2011

  • Fixed a bug relating to salaries paid to fired employees while the salary account is underfunded.
  • Started optimizing code to help prevent server lag in the future.
  • Removed the banner ads for non gold members.
  • Removed all references to those ads from the settings and gm benefits pages.
  • Removed the non-functional offerpal section from the gm payments page.
  • Replaced Pete's company info with Omerta's and updated the Paypal links.

Updated November 12th, 2011

  • Fixed the display below the right side menu for number of players logged into TO.
  • Updated text regarding 'resetting your profile' for players using Facebook with no email address added to TO.
  • When creating a message for the forum; if non-gms accidentally post it during the 'server is busy' timeout, the message will now post instead of being lost. However, it will not post if you are logged out during that timeout.
  • Adjusted the TOP points section of the end-of-round emails so we can actually read it.
  • Found and replaced more instances of the ex-owner's company.
  • Made some code improvments to (hopefully) prevent the server becoming extremely laggy in the future. While not only annoying, a laggy server also causes bugs such as the transport ghost assignment bug and negative goods in warehouse bug which we hope will no longer be a problem in the future. Only time will tell.
  • Addressed a cross site scripting vulnerability.

Updated December 3rd, 2011

  • The Facebook news feed for starting a new company should now be working again.
  • Removed the record for "Most goods produced in one day" which hasn't worked in US for a while. It was also basically the same as "Total goods produced in one day".
  • Pushed MPOGD voting site to the bottom of the list since TO has already won there earlier in the year and won't be eligible to win again until next year.
  • Made an adjustment to the voting code to better track voting rewards to prevent multiple votes for the same reward.

Updated December 10th, 2011

  • Fixed a transport bug that could allow a second assignment to be added to newly purchased vehicles if a player chooses a new destination before initial fueling is complete.
  • Fixed 6 different secretary messages with typos or malformed links to the Wiki.
  • Fixed a bug with Facebook login which caused an infinite loop after the round ends.
  • When players try to login after a round ends, it is now made clear that logins are temporarily closed. No more "wrong user name or password" error when it clearly is not true.
  • Adjusted the password input boxes to have the same character number limit. Previously players could register with a 20 character password but were limited to using 10 characters to login.
  • Changes to the staff "approve logo" link to show us when there is a logo waiting for approval. Previously it was just a boring link that staff had to remember to check on a regular basis.
  • Removed the "TO Academy" link from the Help pages since the website is no longer available.

US Round 7 - June 27, 2010

  • LTL/FTL transport modes. Now you can choose whether your vehicles will accept shipments that are smaller than the minimum you set for each vehicle. For example, if your vehicle is set to a minimum of 40 goods, and is in FTL (Full Truck Load) mode, you won't get stuck with a 5 unit load. Those 5 units may go to another player's LTL (Less-Than-Load) mode vehicle later in the queue. You will need to decide the best strategy for your transports. If you have a Gold Membership, you can set LTL/FTL mode individually for each vehicle, or set all vehicles to the same mode with one click. Players without GM can only choose one mode for their entire fleet.
  • New vehicle pricing. Base prices for vehicles have dropped by half, but the price multiplier for additional vehicles of the same type is now 2x instead of 1.5x. This should allow more players to get into transports earlier in the round. It will also reduce the total number of vehicles later in the round, keeping city transport queues shorter.
  • Fuel efficiency. Vehicles now vary in their fuel efficiency. High fuel efficiency vehicles will cost you less in gasoline than low efficiency vehicles. Here are the MPG ratings for all types of vehicles: Cars 300 mpg, Trucks 250 mpg, Trailers 150 mpg, Trains 500 mpg, Airplanes 200 mpg.
  • Changed voting rewards. Now you only need to vote at 5 voting sites per day to get the maximum reward. Plus, the reward amounts will increase as the round goes on. We strongly encourage all players to vote for Tycoon Online at the voting sites. This is one of the best ways for us to attract new players. New players make the game more fun and also help cover the cost of running the game.

US Round 5 - January 24, 2010

  • Auto mechanic jobs will now be created much more frequently.
  • Goods pricing. Price changes will now be based on standard

deviation, rather than the old tiers of 0-33%, 33-67%, 67%-99%, 101%-133%, 134%+. The result of this change is that prices will be more volatile, especially later in the round, and players will need to react by shifting to different factories.

  • Each service job will now have a maximum price that the buyer is

willing to pay. This means that if your office is not receiving jobs, you may be able to lower the service price for that office to get assignments at a lower price point. The maximum hourly price for each job will be a random value between 200 and 1500. This means setting your office to the maximum of 1500 is no longer a good strategy, even if there are no other offices of the same type.

  • Facebook fix: We have made a change to how TO integrates with

Facebook, and we expect this change will eliminate or vastly reduce the occasional slowness issues we experienced last round.

  • Facebook gifts: Gifts sent last round (or during the break this

round) will not be valid once the new round starts. This is to prevent hoarding of gifts to get a fast start to the round.

US Round 4 - November 8, 2009

  • New offices - We have completely revamped offices. Hotels have been replaced with Auto Repair Centers, and each type of office now provides only one service. You can set the price your office charges for services, but you will have to compete with other offices in your city for jobs.
  • New Hiring Process - Now you must post a job advertisement (cost i$250) to recruit staff. Each job ad will get you 3-6 job applicants, all in the profession you specify. You can hire as many of the applicants as you want for i$50 each.
  • Facebook Gifts - You can send selected gifts to your Facebook friends. For example, send 10 units of oil or 10 units of cotton as a gift. You can send one gift per day to each friend.
  • Cancel absence - If you really need an employee to return to work, you can cancel their absence at a cost of 5 credits.
  • Install radar detectors in your vehicles to boost their speed by 10%.
  • Wealth tax has been eliminated.
  • Credits system - We are adding a new credits system to Tycoon Online to allow us to try different revenue ideas. Gold Membership is now purchased with credits, which in turn are purchased via Paypal or Offerpal. For our loyal Gold Membership players: You will retain the GM Days you already have, and you have been given credits based on how many GM Days you had remaining. (For example, 30 GM days remaining means you receive 30 credits.) Credits can be used to purchase additional GM Days or other credit-based items.
  • Free trial - We have implemented a new Free Trial that will allow new players the opportunity to experience the full benefits of Gold Membership for a 7 day trial. All members, including returning players, can activate their free trial whenever they choose.

US Round 3 - August 23, 2009

Gameplay changes

  • Factories will no longer produce goods if your warehouse is at or over capacity.

User Interface Changes

  • A new In & Out page has been added: Company Value.
  • Wealth tax is now displayed in the 'Upcoming Events' timer.
  • Facebook integration. You can now link your Tycoon Online account to your Facebook account, allowing you to login automatically to TO if you are already logged in to Facebook. You can also share stories on Facebook with your friends, such as starting a new company or selling shares.
  • Tooltips on the staff listing and ranking pages are now less obtrusive and only display when they have useful information in them.
  • Teams can now be accessed during the break in-between rounds.
  • Team leaders have a new link to boot all "n/a" players from their team.

Bugs Fixed

  • Added several missing transactions affecting savings to the In & Out page.
  • Vehicles will move to the end of the line when a new driver is assigned to them (prevents a potential cheat).

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Stockpile of the share you own appearing on the ‘My Shares’ page.
  • When changing your office service you have the option to change all similar offices to the same service.

US Round 2 - June 7, 2009

Gameplay changes

  • Vehicle costs are now based on how many vehicles of that type you own. Previously, it was based on how many vehicles you owned altogether.
  • When a player goes bankrupt, the shares he owned will appear on the market 2 to 22 hours later (previously was 5-10 hours).
  • Each player may only own 2 shares of another company (previous limit was 5).
  • Shares can no longer be removed from the market before they go on sale, unless they were marked for sale less than 30 minutes ago.

Team Changes

  • Teams can now have their own 468 x 80 logo.
  • Team leader can now change whether his team is public or private.
  • If you belong to a team, your team is displayed in your member profile.
  • The "Second in charge" of the team can now moderate forums, edit shout boxes, invite new players, and remove players from the team.

Interface Changes

  • New timers on the front page show when significant events in the game will occur.
  • The transactions listing now has the option to display CV change instead of Savings change.
  • You can now sell multiple zones at once.
  • The game screenshots have been updated.
  • On the vehicle detail page, both the starting city and the destination city are now clickable.
  • There is a "Send it now" link for partially loaded vehicles.
  • The currently selected office service is listed on the office listing page.
  • There is now a "select all" button for the inbox.
  • Goods that your factories or shops use will be highlighted on the for sale page.
  • Better transaction details are provided for shop sales and office service payments.

Other Changes

  • Your secretary will now send you a reminder message 24 hours before salaries are scheduled to be paid.
  • Improved Gold Membership benefit: Your login session will now be automatically renewed as long as you are in the same browser session. This means you won't have to login again after 30 minutes even if your time has run out.
  • The order of operations during server processing has changed. The most time-sensitive updates are completed first (such as order processing, generating new staff, pricing updates), and less time-critical updates are completed after that (such as moving goods from the warehouse to factories). This will reduce the amount of time you need to wait for things to happen at each ten minute tick, especially at the top of each hour or at midnight. This will also reduce the length of time that the 'Server Busy' page is displayed for non Gold Members.

Bugs Fixed

  • Added several missing transactions affecting savings to the In & Out page.
  • The "Trends: Produced Goods" page now sorts correctly even during week 1.
  • When multiple zone orders are placed, and one doesn't go through, the pricing of the second order is now adjusted correctly on the orders page.
  • Salary calculation page now works correctly.
  • All old references to 'iKr' have been cleaned up.
  • Factories must be placed on the map before they will increase purchase limits.
  • Stockpile was increasing on certain transactions where it should not have.
  • Deconstructing a factory no longer changes daily production totals.
  • Salary of staff working in offices was sometimes based on the wrong service.
  • Shops and offices are now numbered the same way factories are (to prevent duplicate names).
  • The cutoff for new loans near the end of the round was one day earlier than necessary.

US Round 1 - March 22, 2009

  • This round had basically the same code as Swedish round 1 of 2009. The one big difference was that Teams were introduced in this round as a replacement for Fusions. Also, because of the much greater distances, the US rounds began using a faster-than-real-time calculation for transport travel.