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Synopsis taken from main game intro

Tycoon Online is an online business simulation. Every player manages his own virtual company and strives to be the most successful among many competitors. Build factories and produce goods to sell on the market or in your own shops. Build offices to offer various services to the population of the city you are based in. Whatever you do, the world of Tycoon Online changes every day depending on your actions and those of other players. The game plays in real time and your company lives and breathes even when you are not logged on.

Tycoon Online has very few system requirements. It is a browser based game, meaning it requires no program installation. Most browsers work with Tycoon Online, and there are no requirements as to the speed of your Internet connection.

When registering, you will receive a small amount of iKr (the Tycoon Online currency). You will spend some of it establishing your company, but from here, the fate of your business rests in your own hands. Most find Tycoon Online an easy game to understand, but it is advised to read through the help files (found through a link on the right hand of the game interface) when starting a company for the first time. If you have questions and are unable to find their answers in the help files, more experienced players, among them the forum moderators (designated as "police"), will be delighted to help you out - either in the forums or through the chat function.

There are two ranking lists in Tycoon Online and your goal is to climb them both. The S-rank (stock ranking) is won by the player making the smartest share purchases on the stock market. The C-rank (company rank) is won by the player who increases the value of his own company the most. To do well, you will need to build factories, produce and sell merchandise, trade with stocks, hire personnel, and more to be successful.

Tycoon Online is played in rounds. Each round lasts for 70 days (10 weeks). When the round is over, winners are decided and all players are awarded Tycoon Online Points (TOPs) depending on how well they have done both on the S-rank and the C-rank. These scores are added to a hall of fame which displays the greatest tycoons throughout the history of the game. At the end of the round, the game resets, and 1-2 weeks later, a new round begins. Once again, everyone will start anew and all players will have the same chance to reach for the top of Tycoon Online.

Tycoon Online is under continuous development, and every now and then, the version of the game is upgraded and new features are introduced.