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On the graphic maps, many buildings are displayed with their names in Swedish. This is due to the fact that the names are decided depending on what language version that the user was using when the building was bought.

Here is a translation of all buildings in game:


Bakery = Bageri
Brewery = Bryggeri
Carpentry = Snickeri
Cotton field = Bomullsfält
Cotton mill = Garnfabrik
Fishing fleet = Fiskeflotta
Flourmill = Mjölkvarn
Forest = Skog
Harbour = Hamn
Newspaper printing house = Tidningsförlag
Oil drill = Borrtorn
Paper factory = Pappersfabrik
Pig farm = Bondgård
Plastic industry = Plastindustri
Quarry = Stenbrott
Refinery = Raffinaderi
Sawmill = Sågverk
Slaughterhouse = Slakteri
Stone chopping house = Stenhuggeri
Tailor workshop = Väveri
Toy factory = Leksaksfabrik
Wheat field = Vetefält


Clinic = Läkarmottagning
Hotel = Hotell
Advertisning agency = Reklambyrå
Painter shop = Måleri


Liqour store = Systembolag
Clothes shop = Klädaffär
Furniture shop = Möbelaffär
Gas station = Bensinmack
Grocery store = Livsmedelsbutik
Kiosk = Kiosk
Stone shop = Stenbutik
Toy store = Leksaksfabrik

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