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Basing the market prices on the supply and demand works in reality because there, the demands for goods change depending to their prices. In Tycoon Online, however, the people of the virtual cities of Sweden purchase an unlimited amount of goods regardless of the cost of them. In Tycoon Online, the only thing that limits the number of units you can sell in a shop every hour, is how productive the shop and its staff are.

For instance, in the real world, if bread is expensive, people will stop purchasing it, and the demand for it will fall. Eventually, so will the price of bread. In Tycoon Online, however, because the virtual people of the game do not care what price they pay for bread, and players can sell as much as they get their hands on, when bread has a high price, even more players will want to sell it in their shops, and the demand for it will increase instead of decrease. If Tycoon Online's market prices were based on supply and demand, the prices of bread would then simply just keep increasing as the demand for it would never fall. The result would be that players would ignore all the other commodities in the game, and just produce and sell bread.

The present market pricing system works just fine. If one type of goods is popular, the price will decrease, and less peolple will produce and sell it. This way, the prices are more balanced.

For instance, if there were 100 companies in the game, and 95 were producing wood, 2 companies were producing fish, and 3 were producing oil. As a result, the wood would become very cheap, and the fish and the oil would become very expensive. This would also be the case in the real world, and this is the way it works in Tycoon Online.

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