Selling goods

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Selling Goods

The Bank

If you are in need of money, you may sell goods instantly from your warehouse to the bank. The bank pays you for your goods at once, which is good if you need quick money. Also, there is no limit to how much goods the bank will accept. If your goods are plentiful on the market, however, the bank will refuse to pay you fully for it. For every 5.000 units of those particular goods that are currently on the market, the bank will pay you 1 to 3 iKr less than market price. The decrease in price depends on what stage of the refining process your goods are. If it is a raw material (like oil, wheat and wood), the decrease is 1 iKr. If it is a stage two material (like alcohol, gasoline and planks), the decrease is 2 iKr. If it is a stage three material (like bread, furniture and toys), the decrease is 3 iKr per 5.000 units currently on the market. The max discounts the bank may give itself is 5 for raw materials, 10 for stage two materials, and 15 for stage three materials.

Goods bought by the bank are later put for sale on the market.

Hint: A young company requires a quick cash flow. In the beginning, it is better to sell your goods to the bank than on the market as this obtains you the money you need to expand your company as rapidly as possible. Later on, company value will be more important than quick money, and this is better obtained by taking advantage of market bonuses when selling goods on the market.

The Market

The market is completely by the players such as you. Some goods are rarer than others, and their price is usually higher than the more common ones. The market is not based on a free-market system, meaning Supply and Demand.
When selling goods on the market, the goods that were produced the past day (the day before today), but was not used in factories or sold in shops, give you a 1 iKr bonus to your company value when they are sold.

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