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Police are intended to keep the forums clean from profanity. They are also intended to help new players.

Joining the police

Police are usually picked from BETA testers and TO Guides. We would encourage you to be helpful and active in the forums.

If you feel that you have met the qualifications for joining the police, contact Denholm Reynholm through PM.

Current Police

The following people are police currently:

  • Phil Smyth
  • Jaque Bridge
  • Uee Mac
  • Jay Chen
  • Fed Dee

Retired Police

These people have donated hours of time to carefully watch the forums, but have stepped down.

  • Anders Johansson (Creator/Administrator)
  • Lord Remington (General Manager)
  • Emil Vikström
  • Johan Stor
  • Kristofer Rask
  • Adam Magnusson
  • Malin Dahlqvist
  • Hannes Kuusisto
  • Rasmus Harild
  • Ryan Oconner
  • Frank Jensen
  • Pet Minifuse
  • Brenda Bee
  • Micke Myhrberg
  • Gunzour Yellowknife (Owner May 2007 - December 2010)
  • Master Yoda (Administrator)
  • Hawkeye Pierce (Swedish General Manager TO-Sweden)
  • Johan Berten
  • Neil Graham
  • Jasmine Delanuit (General Manager TO-Sweden)
  • Tabula Rasa (Administrator)
  • Linda Johansson (Administrator)
  • Billy Bass (General Manager TO-USA / TO-Sweden 2008 - 2016)

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