No road side zones for my building

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There are no road side zones for my building, where can I build?

You have options if you cannot find any road side zones for your choice of building.

You can build anywhere in the area. You don't need to have your building road side, even though it is nice to receive the 30% bonus. It is better to have a building producing than to not have a building. Keep in mind you can tear down that building and relocate once road side zones are available.

You can see what road side zones are available and base your choice on what building will fit. Your building will aid in bringing the total zones bought down and help generate opening a new area faster.

You could check and see the percentage of unused zones and if one area just needs a few zones to be bought, you can buy these zones to open up a brand new area to build in. Once the new area is opened (next 10 minute tick) you can sell those bought zones back to the bank for 50% of what you paid refunded back to you.

If you were trying to build in the countryside, look at your city areas and see if you could build a shop or office instead. Or, if you were looking to build a shop or office, take a look in the countryside areas and build a factory.

There are always options. Sitting and waiting for road side zones or a new area to open can take days. You don't want to be missing out on any potential CV gains.

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