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For a comprehensive guide to editing wiki pages, see Wikipedia's editing help pages. The Cheatsheet is especially useful. You will find that some advanced features of Wikipedia editing, such as footnoting, are not implemented here.


Lines, also known as horizontal rules, are a good way to separate lots of information. To insert a line, type <hr> or ----.

Lines are inserted automatically after ==Top-level section headings==.


Within the wiki

To link to a different page of the wiki, enclose the page name in a double pair of square brackets, as follows:

[[Help Files Index Page]]

which will display as

Help Files Index Page

To display alternate text for the link, put a vertical line after the page name and follow it with the text; for example,

[[Help Files Index Page |The greatest TO guide you'll ever read]]

will show as

The greatest TO guide you'll ever read

Pages that don't yet exist will show as red text; for example,

Anybody who creates this page is gonna get thwapped

Clicking on a red link will allow you to create a new page with that title.

(ATTENTION: creating the page in the red link above will be considered site vandalism and dealt with appropriately.)

Outside of the Wiki

To link to an external web page, type the URL in a single pair of square brackets, then a space, then the text you wish to display as the hyperlink. You will see a symbol trailing the link, to let you know that you will be exiting the wiki if you click on it. For example,

[ Text That You Wanna See!]

will display as

Text That You Wanna See!

If you want to display the URL directly as a link, omit the brackets; for example,


In general, you can type continuous text in a wiki. Line and paragraph breaks will be handled automatically, as long as you separate paragraphs with one or more blank lines.

If you need to force a line break for some reason, the HTML <br> command will work.

Showing Text

If you want to show code, you must enclose it between the <nowiki> and </nowiki> tags.

Grammatical Rules

The wiki editing language is really easy to understand, with a little bit of work. The quotations are needed, but capitalization is not required. For instance, <br> is the same as <BR>.

Table of Contents

You may have noticed a small box titled "Contents" at the top of this page, with a hierarchical list of all the section headings. Those are links that allow you to jump to the sections themselves.

A table of contents will be generated automatically if the page has 4 or more section headings. You can force it to appear by including the string __TOC__ somewhere on the page. You can also suppress it by including the string __NOTOC__.