Game history - Sweden, 2008, Round 3

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Round dates: 22 June-31 August 2008

Changes this round

Gameplay changes:

  • Bank sales now generate transport assignments. By popular demand, transport assignments will be generated when a player buys goods from the bank. The originating city for the assignment will be the city of the company that originally sold the goods to the bank.
  • More realistic distance calculation. The distance between cities is now based on the actual geography of Sweden. In most cases this will result in longer distances between cities.
  • New purchase limits. A player may now place only one order per 60 seconds for a particular type of good. For goods that are in high demand, a player may only purchase 25% of the goods on the market at a time (minimum 250). This is to prevent a single player from purchasing all goods the instant they appear on the market.
  • No trash can. You can no longer dump goods in the trash.

Gold Member perks. The following new features are only available to players with Gold Memberships:

  • Sales In Shops page. A new trends page will show sales in shops.
  • Price history graphs. Graphs on the 'prices' page will show the price history of goods for the entire round.
  • Reliability and salary demand on unemployed list. Players with GM will be able to see this info without additional clicking.

Site changes (everyone):

  • New IRC-based chat system will provide a more reliable and feature-rich chat environment.
  • Car icons on unemployed list will show which staff have driver's licenses

C-rank Leaderboard

This round is currently in progress.

S-rank Leaderboard

This round is currently in progress.