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Anders Johansson (AirHawke)
Starter of the Tycoon Online-project in 2001, and developer and owner of the game until May 2007.

Doug Granzow (Gunzour Yellowknife)
Product Manager and Administrator for Tycoon Online, and owner of the game from May 2007 to November 2010.

Peter Zaborszky, Renegade Games Ltd
Owner and Administrator for Tycoon Online from November 2010 to November 2011.

Omerta Games Ltd
Owner of Tycoon Online since November 2011.

Billy Bass
Volunteer General Manager - Programmer from 2012 - 2016

Sven Andersson (Sweetfish)
Pictures of factories and shops.

Erik Sjöstrand (Archbishop of Goats)
Pictures of factories and characters.

Tobias Svensson (Bisse)
Pictures of factories, shops and offices.

Janne Wahlström (Knasterband)
Pictures of the warehouse.

Malin Dahlqvist
Pictures of characters and former Tycoon Online police.

Tommy Hörnlund

Kristofer Rask (rask)
Beta tester since the beginning of the project and former Tycoon Online police.

Emil Vikström
Programming of the live-ticking clock and Tycoon Online police.

Adam Magnusson
Former Tycoon Online police.

Johan Stor
English translator and Tycoon Online police.

Micke Myhrberg
Tycoon Online police.

Frank Jensen
Tycoon Online police.

Johan Berten
Tycoon Online police.

Jay Weston
Swedish/English translator.

David Håkansson
Swedish/English translator.

Lord Remington
Translator of the English help files. Former General Manager for the English version and English TO-police boss.

Rasmus Harild
Former Tycoon Online police.

Pet Minifuse
Former Tycoon Online police.

Ryan Oconner
Tycoon Online police.

Patrik Appelquist
Graphics. Creator of the new logotype and the picture on the front page.

Eddie de Jager
Graphics for the buildings in the citymaps.

Hannes Kuusisto (Da HAWK inc)
The first TO-police and TO-police boss. Also helped AAA with feedback during the first years of Tycoon Online.

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