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Ways To Earn


Shops are one way of gaining money. A shop will be constructed, placed, and staffed. Then it will need goods. You can produce these goods yourself or you can purchase them from the market.

Selling on The Market

When your factory makes goods, they will go to your warehouse. If you have no shops or factories that consume these goods, they will just sit in your warehouse. If you click on them, and click "Next", you can select how many of your goods you would like to put on the market for other people to buy. Other people might have goods on the market before you, and theirs are on the queue first. When selling goods on the market, the goods that were produced the past day (the day before today), but was not used in factories or sold in shops, give you a 1 iKr bonus to your company value when they are sold.

During the past day you produced 300 units of wheat. 100 units were used in your mills, and you sold 50 units to the bank.

What is today's market bonus for wheat? 300 - 100 - 50 = 150 units.

This means that you can receive an extra 150 iKr in company value if you sell these 150 units on the market.

Selling to the Bank

When selling your goods to the bank, under The Bank, click on Sell Goods. You will see all of the goods that are in your warehouse, and if you click on it, you will be able to sell the goods. You can choose the amount that you want to sell, and you will get instant money, but no bonus. 10% of all the money that you should recieve goes to your stockpile.

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