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The USA and Sweden versions of the game are basically the same same game on a different map. Each player is allowed to have only one (1) account for each version. There are a few differences which include:

  • They are played on different maps - US Map or Sweden Map.
  • US version has the option to use Facebook integration to login to TO and you can send daily gifts of 10 level 1 goods to your friends. You also have the option to advertise your company, new buildings and shares for sale to your Facebook friends.
  • In US you can place job ads to get the correct type of applicants that you need, while in Sweden there is just a big random list of every unemployed staff to choose from and it is difficult to hire what you need. (more info)
  • In Sweden players are limited to hiring 15 staff per day, while in US hiring is unlimited.
  • In Sweden players must wait until they reach 10,000 company value to build offices. In US offices can be built within the first 10 minutes.
  • US office jobs are based on events which happen in your city and you compete with other players in your city to get jobs based on your set price. While in Sweden you simply switch your offices to the higher paying service every day to receive a payout at 23:50. (more info)
  • In US there is no wealth tax, while in Sweden there is a wealth tax every weekend. (more info)
  • The transport vehicles called trains in TO-United States are called ships in TO-Sweden.
  • Transport costs in Sweden are more expensive to start with, and prices increase by 1.5 times for each similar vehicle. US vehicles start off cheaper but the price doubles for each new vehicle of the same type. (more info)
  • Transport distances are calculated in miles (mi) in TO-United States, kilometers (km) in TO-Sweden.
  • US transports travel their miles per hour distance - every 10 minutes. In Sweden it takes a full hour to travel their km/hour distance. (more info)
  • US vehicle have the option of FTL or LTL (Full Truck Load / Less than Load), Sweden vehicle operate with LTL. (more info)
  • In US you can purchase 'credits' which can be used for gold membership, to slightly boost a vehicle speed, to force absent staff back to work, or change your company name. While in Sweden you can purchase 70 days of gold membership directly.
  • The currency in TO-Sweden is the iKr. It is exactly the same as the i$ currency in TO-United States.