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First decide what type of building that you want. Remember, you can only have a total of 25 buildings.


Purchase a factory

Click on Factories under "My Company" and then click "Build a new factory." Here you can see all of the possible factories. Click on the factory that you want to buy and see the zone formation and where the zones are.

Purchase the Zones

Go to Zones, then Purchase zones. Go to the zones that you need, blue for offshore, grey for city, and green for countryside. Purchase the correct form of zones in the correct area. Remember: buildings cannot be rotated.

Purchase the staff

Next, purchase the staff that you will need. A factory will need 3 people while an office or shop will only take 2. Any people will work in your building, but the correct people will be much more efficient. If the people are not the correct people they will use AttrubPoints. If they are the correct people, they will use ProdPoints, which are generally higher.


Wait for the next 10-Minute tick so that your staff are purchased.


Placing a factory

Under "My Company", click Factories. Click on the factory that says "Not Yet Placed" and click "Place". Click on the zone section that you own empty zones in and find your zones. Move the building until it is on all of the zones. Click on the building, and click "Confirm".

Placing Staff

Under "My Company", click on Staff, and you will see all of your staff that are currently employed. Click on an employee that is in the Head Office. Scroll to the bottom and find the building that you have just placed, there should only be one building. Click "Place". Do that with the other 2 employees.

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