Avoid Paying Wealth Tax

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Here is a good checklist to follow prior to Wealth Tax Saturday 15:00pm game time (Sweden Server only)

  • Buy extra goods for your factories or shops.
  • Deposit money into your salary and/or gasoline account.
  • Send staff to be trained.
  • Buy shares.
  • Pay down your staff dissatisfaction.
  • Buy zones for your next building.
  • Buy your next building and zones if you have enough cash for both.
  • Upgrade your warehouse.
  • Perform any building upgrades if available to do so.
  • Purchase another transport for your fleet.
  • Buy goods increasing in price to sell later for a profit.
  • Invest (only used if none of the above can not be done).

It is only a checklist if you want to make sure all your T's are crossed and I's are dotted. You can do as you see would best benefit your companies growth and success.

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