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When you buy goods, purchase shares, purchase zones or hire staff, your actions are processed by an order system. At the moment you confirm your order, you pay the cost of what you have ordered and your order is set up for processing when the server updates the game. This happens every whole 10 minutes of the hour.

Orders are processed in the order that they are received. If an order does not go through (for instance, if someone bought a share before you, or hired an employee faster than you), the money you spent is refunded and available for spending otherwise. The actual transaction that will appear on the "Transactions" page is created only if your order goes through.

Your current orders may be viewed on the "Orders" page (under "Stock exchange" on the left hand menu). If you regret spending money on something, you may cancel the order as long as the transaction has not been created.

Orders displayed in red text are orders that have not gone through.

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