3.3 Savings

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Your savings represent the money you have earned, and that you have available for spending.


This number is shown on top of the browser below the Tycoon Online logo. Whenever you make a market purchase, construct a building or otherwise spend money, the amounts spent are deducted from your savings account.

Money on your salary account and your gasoline account does not count as savings. This is money that has been moved from your savings account and locked, to serve a specific purpose, such as paying your employees for the hard work they do.

Salary staff.png Salary menu.png

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If you run out of savings, two good ways of raising money is taking loans from the bank and selling shares.

Some payments are made automatically in Tycoon Online, for instance down payments on your loans, or fines and penalties if your warehouse is full or if you do not have enough money on your salary account when payday comes around. If you do not have enough savings to pay for these automatic payments, your account will display a negative amount of money, meaning you owe money to the bank. At certain times of day (01:30, 02:30, 03:30, 04:30, 05;30), the bank will check your savings balance. If it is negative, it will make up the deficit by taking the amount right from your company value. Seeing that 1 iKr of company value is worth 20 iKr of savings, paying for your debts with company value is disastrous for a company that competes for a good C-rank! Even worse, if you don't have enough company value to make up the funds, your company will go bankrupt!

There is no limit to the amount of money you can accumulate on your savings account.

The Tycoon Online currency is iKr. This is a fictional currency not comparable to real world currencies.

For instance:

You buy 200 units of furniture for 40 iKr per piece.
How will this affect you savings?
200 units á 40 iKr. 200 x 40 = 8 000 iKr from your savings.

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