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This Page is where we will try to keep you updated with what is happening and where we need the most help.

Main Current Tasks

Currently there are a few main tasks taking place:

  • A number of more in depth guides are being written (actually that's wrong -- we need some to be written)
  • Community is doing peer review on the work and assisting in quality assurance
  • The pages for each type of factory need to be developed. The List of Factories can be used as a starting point.

How can You Help

  • We currently need people to proofread and fix grammar.
  • We need people to assist in making the helpfiles easier to read and understand.
  • We need more guides written in depth looking at any subject that you fancy doing about the game. (especially those that do not yet exist on the academy site or the official Blog).

Who are the lead developers on the WIKI at present

The list is currently small but will hopefully grow.....

  • Gunzour Yellowknife - (Web-master and Tycoon Online present owner)
  • Master Yoda - (Tycoon Online General manager)
  • Neil Graham - (Tycoon Online Police and WIKI volunteer)
  • Cully Williams - (WIKI volunteer)
  • Brenda Edgington - (Tycoon Online Police and WIKI volunteer)
  • Tabula Rasa (WIKI volunteer - has already done loads so deserved his name here)
  • Billy Bass (Tycoon Online Police and WIKI volunteer)

--Nrg1664 10:52, 17 July 2008 (UTC)