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See a list of US Updates.

Sweden Round 1 in 2016 - January 31, 2016

  • Players buying goods will occasionally need to fill in a captcha to prove you are human.
  • Bugfix: After resetting your company, selling the new company shares to the bank the first day will no longer use the prior company’s cached share value.
  • Bugfix: Near the bottom of the share details pages, when share price change is negative, the % change is now also negative, and displayed in red.
  • Bugfix:On the calculation of salary page, the shop salary section now shows market price for shop goods, and not the shop sales price. Shop salaries have always been based on the market price of goods.
  • In addition to the change last year to not show the ABC salary payment option to gold members when the salary account is underfunded, now it will also give you an error if you load the salary page with enough funds before the top of the hour but try to ABC pay salaries after they increase at the top of the hour and you no longer have enough funds.
  • “https” links posted in the forum are now automatically made clickable. Previously only "http" links were automatically made clickable.
  • Added graphical smileys to the forums .

Sweden Round 4 in 2015 - August 30, 2015

  • New zone areas will open sooner. For downtown, a new area will open when all of the other downtown areas in a city have fewer than 35% of zones remaining. For countryside, a new area will open when all of the other countryside areas in a city have fewer than 60% of zones remaining.
  • Any points remaining after decreasing current dissatisfaction to 1 will be applied to reduce upcoming dissatisfaction penalties. It only effects dissatisfaction penalties that have already been accrued at the time. Dissatisfaction will still increase by a minimum of 1 per day. If you get a new penalty, it will be fully applied the next day (unless you make them happy again).
  • When firing staff, the confirmation page now shows salary owed, social fees, termination fee, and the total.

Sweden Round 3 in 2015 - June 14, 2015

  • Inactive players will be bankrupted sooner. If you don’t login for 11 days in a row, your company will be deactivated. Players with goldmembership will have their company deactivated after not logging in for 21 days.
  • The production points of new unemployed workers will slowly increase as the round progresses. By the last day, newly created unemployed workers will have production points ranging from 61 to 84.
  • During the week off between rounds, at the top of the page we will now see a random selection of past company logos instead of no logos at all.
  • The bank information page has been updated with more details, and graphs were added for goldmembers. It also includes a link to see detailed “government” income and expenses.
  • On the “In and Out -> Savings” page, there are now separate line items for share dividend income and other share transactions.
  • Players who have finished in the top 3 c-rank, s-rank, or are currently in the top 3 TOP rank will have new bling next to their names in the forums and on their profile page.
  • New records added:
    Total CV gained from investing
    Most S-points in 1 week
    Total S-points in a round
    Total dividends paid in a round
    Total dividends received in a round
    Highest net profit from share sales - purchases
    Total salaries paid in a round
    Most savings on the fuel account
    Most vehicle fleet cv earned in 1 day
    Most goods consumed in all factories in 1 day
    Total goods consumed in all factories in a round
    Total number of goods sold in shops
    Total income from shop sales
    Total office income in a round
    Most CV earned from market sales bonus in 1 day
    Total CV earned from market sales bonus in a round
    Total number of goods bought
    Total paid to buy goods
    Total number of goods sold on the market
    Total income from market sales

Sweden Round 2 in 2015 - March 22, 2015

  • A new game template better suited to mobile devices is available on the 'Settings' page.
  • The ability to customize the game colors has also been added to the 'Settings' page.
  • Improvements to these are ongoing throughout the round.
  • The hilighting of unread forum posts is no longer goldmember only.
  • When reading forum threads it will jump to the first unread post.

Sweden Round 1 in 2015 - January 4, 2015

  • Cars are no longer being offered for sale to haul cargo.
  • Trucks (and only trucks) will now have the opportunity to haul goods sold and purchased from the same city. Previously these goods did not produce a vehicle assignment. These cargo loads will be for 80km each. Trucks will still be able to haul normal cargo loads as well.
  • Players can choose the type of route their trucks will haul. The choices are: load normally, only load goods for the short in-city routes, or only load goods going to a different city. Each truck can be set independently.

Sweden Round 4 in 2014 - October 24, 2014

  • Bugfix: Players will no longer see their own shares listed for purchase if you already own 2. Previously these were being displayed but the share order would always fail.
  • Bugfix: The staff hiring counter is now reset at the end of the round. Previously if you hired staff on the last day of the round, you could not hire a full 15 on the first day of the new round.
  • Bugfix: The in-out cv page will no longer include cv changes for transactions of players who do not have a company, since cv is always 0 with no company. Affected transactions: voting income, donating, poll income, share purchases and sales.
  • Goldmember days will only be deducted when you have an active company. Previously these were being deducted from everyone, every midnight that the round was in progress, regardless if the account was active.
  • The number of cities used each round will now be determined by the record number of companies the previous round:
    fewer than 600 companies = 10 cities
    600 to 699 = 11 cities
    700 to 799 = 12 cities
    800 to 899 = 13 cities
    900 to 999 = 14 cities
    1000 to 1199 = 15 cities
    1200 to 1399 = 16 cities
    1400 to 1599 = 17 cities
    1600 to 1799 = 18 cities
    1800 to 1999 = 19 cities
    2000+ companies = 20 cities

Updated November 24th, 2014

  • Better hi-lighting of zone areas has been added to show which areas are still above the threshold to open a new area.
  • A new link under "Info" which shows a summary for all the different buildings available.

Updated December 6th, 2014

  • Made a code change that will update the new share prices sooner after midnight. The old share prices were getting stuck in a cache for a few minutes after midnight resulting in share orders using the outdated price.
  • No more "server is busy" page for anyone :-)
  • No more being logged out after 30 minutes :-)
  • The market for sale page will now automatically update the data every 3 seconds for 10 minutes, after which players will need to restart the update timer for each additional 10 minutes. For impatient players, you can also manually click, click, click the update timer to refresh the data more often without reloading the whole page.
  • More data was added to the market page including the amount coming to market sometime in the next 2 hours, and the amount of your daily purchase limit that is remaining.

Sweden Round 2 in 2014 - May 18, 2014

  • The daily goods purchasing limits are being increased. For shop goods you can now purchase up to 1000 per shop which sells that product, while for goods consumed in factories you can now purchase up to 2000 per factory which requires those goods. The default purchase limit is still 2500.

Updated June 16th, 2014

  • Gold members now have history graphs on the Trends pages for production, bank sales, market sales, and shop sales.
  • A new column for round totals was added to the In and Out pages.
  • Gold members now have pie charts and history graphs for the In and Out page data.
  • Small changes were made In and Out page data so the round totals will better match actual cv and savings.

Sweden Round 1 in 2014 - March 2, 2014

  • Players can now receive dividends from up to 2 of your own company's shares if they are in your top 50 highest valued shares.
  • Players can now see how long a vehicle has been waiting in a city.
  • Players can now see if a forwarding city has set for each vehicle on the list of vehicles.
  • The number of people logged into chat is now displayed next to the chat link.
  • From now on when we accept a new company logo, ALL votes for the previous logo are removed.
  • The c-rank and s-rank re-ordering scripts have been moved so they are done after all other relevant scripts. They were being ran before a few other important scripts. This should make the rank ordering slightly more accurate.
  • Bugfix for the inverted vehicle queue position that we saw occasionally.. example: position 23 / 20 in the queue.

Sweden Round 5 in 2013 - December 15, 2013

  • Players can now sell any shares to the bank at any time, but in order to offset it's investment risk, the bank is only willing to pay up to 80% of the current share value. No s-points are gained when selling shares to the bank. Shares with a risk class greater than 1 will be discounted an additional 10% per increase in risk class. During the last week of the round, the bank's psychic accountants start feeling uneasy and begin discounting the price they will pay for shares by an additional 5% per day. So by the last day of the round, the bank will pay 50% for a risk class 1 share, 10% for a risk class 5, etc.
  • Shares will be automatically sold at the end of a round and income invested.
  • On both the Shares list and My Shares pages, share names will appear in orange for risk class 2 or 3 shares (inactive 2 to 7 days), while risk class 4 and 5 shares will be displayed in red (7+ days inactive). Shares from active players (risk class 1) will be displayed as normal in black.
  • On the My Shares / latest dividend page, your top 50 shares which will pay you dividends will have their dividend displayed in green, while shares which won't pay you dividends are listed in red.
  • Building sales and production tweaks:
    - Fishing fleet: base 55 to 66 and efficiency 40 to 56
    - Gas station: base 36 to 60 and efficiency 55 to 65
    - Liquor store: base 36 to 66 and efficiency 50 to 60
    - Grocery: base 45 to 30 and efficiency 45 to 35
    - Kiosk: base 30 to 20 and efficiency 40 to 30
  • Instant zone purchases, players no longer need to order zones in advance and wait for the order to complete. You can now buy zones instantly while placing a building on the map.
  • The right-side menu was re-organized a bit,

Sweden Round 3 in 2013 - July 7, 2013

  • Doubled the s-points earned from selling shares on the market which have increased in value since they were purchased. 1 point per 100 iKr increase, instead of 1 point per 200 iKr increase.
  • Bugfix: Share price increases from winning an award are now included in the share price history for that day.
  • Players who finish in the top 25 c-rank or s-rank will have their name permanently added to the list of available employee names IF it is a real first or last name (including proper capitalization).
  • Started storing all players' personal best records for each round and added the option to view them on the records pages.
  • Blog posting is now available to non-goldmembers.
  • The section regarding "-8888 the round has not started yet" on the main page will only be displayed once per login before the round starts.
  • The section regarding "you do not have goldmembership" on the main page will only be displayed once per day while the round is in progress, only once during the week off in-between rounds, and will never be shown to new players who have registered in the previous 7 days.
  • The "server is busy" page encountered by non-gm's has been reduced to 15 seconds instead of the previous 30 seconds. Have also removed the +30 second time penalty from trying to load a page too soon.

Updated July 31st, 2013

  • The "trial gm" is no longer shown to non-gms who have already used the gm trial. Was broken with the updates from earlier this round.
  • On the Factory details pages, factory production "last hour" will now show 0 WHEN production was halted due to a full warehouse. Previously it displayed data from the last productive hour.
  • On the Staff page, the gray-white background behind the employee names was only being displayed in white for the past 1.4 rounds.
  • On the Staff page for goldmembers, vehicles with an absent employee are no longer displayed in the list of jobs to move employees into.
  • On the main non-logged in page with the TO guy image, the 404 'page not found' links have been fixed for: Contact us and more info. These were caused by an old unused domain name they have recently allowed to expire.
  • The secretary message for shop upgrades had a bad link, now fixed.
  • Moved the 23:50 records script to be ran after the "server is busy" page is removed. This will effect savings records which will now include office income from that day.

Sweden Round 2 in 2013 - April 28, 2013

  • Added 24 new cities to the database. The 15 cities used are randomly chosen.
  • Reorganized and updated the main staff page:
    Now includes reliability and salary percent.
    Added ability to sort by multiple columns.
    Goldmembers now have an easier way to move staff around or retrain them.
    Goldmembers have the option to see all staff stats on the same page.
  • The randomized starting prices were tweaked:
    1st level goods = old default price + random (0 to 5)
    - Cotton = 12 to 17
    - Fresh fish = 10 to 15
    - Oil = 7 to 12
    - Pigs = 11 to 16
    - Stone = 10 to 15
    - Wheat = 10 to 15
    - Wood = 14 to 19
    2nd & 3rd level goods = 2 * lower level price + random (8 to 12)
  • Small display bugfix for amount of goods you can purchase. Previously when you bought the maximum amount of a product for the day, then tore down those shops or factories and tried to buy the same product it would display a negative number for the amount that you could purchase.

Sweden Round 1 in 2013 - February 10, 2013

  • The starting prices for goods were randomized.
    1st level goods: Random 7 to 14
    2nd level goods: Random 7 to 10 + (2 * level 1 price)
    3rd level goods: Random 7 to 10 + (2 * level 2 price)
  • Company value earned from transporting goods was reduced by 50%.
  • Used only 15 of the 20 cities, randomly chosen.
  • New records were added.
    - Biggest cv increase in one day
    - Biggest cv increase in one week
    - Largest warehouse
    - Total value of other companies' shares owned
    - Best employee production points
    - Company value earned by a vehicle fleet
    - Most goods sold in shops in 1 day
    - Highest total office income in one day
    - Highest income in 1 office in one day
    - Highest total income in 1 office

Sweden Round 4 in 2012 - September 9, 2012

  • Buxfix for vehicle driver salaries which were not being updated after their attribute points increased.
  • A new on-site transport tool map for everyone. Gold members have the ability to adjust the city coloring formula.
  • A new section with company warnings will now be displayed on the front page to only new players for 3 weeks to help them get started.
  • A reorganized "Upcoming Events" area which separates main events from buildings and vehicles.
  • Added a few new timers to the "Upcoming Events" including:
    - First price change of the round.
    - Next dividend payment.
    - Negative savings penalty fine accessed.
    - Zoning fines (in the next 24 hours).
    - Zone repossession (in the next 24 hours).

Sweden Round 3 in 2012 - June 24, 2012

  • Players can now see the loan interest rate even if they have taken the maximum 10 loans.
  • Added the "Live Chat" link back onto the right side menu. This chatroom may not please everyone, but it's better than nothing. If you have an IRC client, you may also reach the chatroom by going to irc.tycoononline.com and joining channel #tycoononline.
  • Transactions that occur at the same time are now listed in the exact order they were processed. Newest on top and older on the bottom.
  • Added an upcoming event timer for the first time prices change in a round.

Sweden Round 2 in 2012 - April 8, 2012

  • Running on a faster server with updated system software.
  • There is now a free 7 day gm trial available to all players.
  • The stockpile bug has been fixed.
  • There is a new option to display game records for only the past year.
  • Limited the dividend received records to one per player per round.

Sweden Round 1 in 2012 - January 22, 2012

  • Automatic building numbering has been changed to display the buildings in order when more than 9 of the same building are built by a player.
  • Made a few more changes to the page which is displayed after a round is completed but before the server is reset.
  • Updated some obscure text relating to only having 4 logins per day - that "feature" was removed a long time ago.
  • Updated the building text: "There is no staff in this office" to be "There are no employees working in this office". Also changed for shops and factories.
  • Added a definition for the "code 28" given on the Orders page for investments and fuel / salary deposits.

Sweden Round 5 in 2011 - November 6, 2011

  • Changed the way voting works to match the US version. Now voting amounts increase with each new vote for the day, and the amounts also increase each week. There is a limit of 5 votes per day.
  • Fixed a bug relating to salaries paid to fired employees while the salary account is underfunded.
  • Started optimizing code to help prevent server lag in the future.
  • Removed the banner ads for non gold members.
  • Removed all references to those ads from the settings and gm benefits pages.
  • Removed the non-functional offerpal section from the gm payments page.
  • Replaced Pete's company info with Omerta's and updated the Paypal links.

Updated November 12th, 2011

  • Fixed the wealth tax timer display bug.
  • Fixed a bug triggered by the Daylight Savings Time changes which caused some players to be double taxed in the fall and pay no tax in the spring.
  • When creating a message for the forum; if non-gms accidentally post it during the 'server is busy' timeout, the message will now post instead of being lost. However, it will not post if you are logged out during that timeout.
  • Adjusted the TOP points section of the end-of-round emails so we can actually read it.
  • Found and replaced more instances of the ex-owner's company.
  • Made some code improvments to (hopefully) prevent the server becoming extremely laggy in the future. While not only annoying, a laggy server also causes bugs such as the transport ghost assignment bug and negative goods in warehouse bug which we hope will no longer be a problem in the future. Only time will tell.
  • Addressed a cross site scripting vulnerability.

Updated December 3rd, 2011

  • Removed the record for "Most goods produced in one day" which was basically the same as "Total goods produced in one day".
  • Pushed MPOGD voting site to the bottom of the list since TO has already won there earlier in the year and won't be eligible to win again until next year.
  • Made an adjustment to the voting code to better track voting rewards to prevent multiple votes for the same reward.
  • The 'Content Box' is now hidden unless there is a message in it.
  • Updated the Swedish language user agreement to replace incorrect characters.
  • Fixed a bug in the Swedish language translations which displayed a blank box after upgrading a shop.

Updated December 10th, 2011

  • Fixed a transport bug that could allow a second assignment to be added to newly purchased vehicles if a player chooses a new destination before initial fueling is complete.
  • Fixed 6 different secretary messages with typos or malformed links to the Wiki.
  • When players try to login after a round ends, it is now made clear that logins are temporarily closed. No more "wrong user name or password" error when it clearly is not true.
  • Fixed a few more Swedish language bugs regarding gm and gm benefits.
  • Adjusted the password input boxes to have the same character number limit. Previously players could register with a 20 character password but were limited to using 10 characters to login.
  • Changes to the staff "approve logo" link to show us when there is a logo waiting for approval. Previously it was just a boring link that staff had to remember to check on a regular basis.
  • Removed the "TO Academy" link from the Help page since the website is no longer available.

Updated December 20th, 2011

  • Employee profession is now displayed on the Orders page, like it used to be.
  • The transaction details page for hiring staff shows their profession instead of an error.
  • Builders in shops now display in the correct (blue) color when building.
  • New players now only receive 1 introduction secretary message instead of 2.
  • Player passwords are now stored encrypted instead of in plain text.

Updated December 28th, 2011

  • Fixed the RC (rank change) arrows on the ranking page for IE browser.
  • Change the tutorial box color to yellow instead of gray so it will be more noticeable.
  • Updated the instructions for each voting site.
  • Fixed 'mileage' misspelling on the records pages.
  • Removed strange 'un' text from the bank information page.
  • Fixed the 'Shop Upgrade' page heading to display 'My Shops' instead of 'My Factories'.
  • Added country flags for Uruguay and Nigeria.
  • Fixed the 4 records that always stopped updating part way through the top 50:
    - Highest total production in one factory
    - Most total sales in one shop
    - Highest production in one factory in one day
    - Most sales in one shop in one day

Sweden Round 2 in 2010 - May 16, 2010

  • Transport starting prices were doubled.

Sweden Round 4 in 2009 - September 27, 2009

Gameplay changes

  • Factories will no longer produce goods if your warehouse is at or over capacity.

User Interface Changes

  • A new In & Out page has been added: Company Value.
  • Wealth tax is now displayed in the 'Upcoming Events' timer.
  • Tooltips on the staff listing and ranking pages are now less obtrusive and only display when they have useful information in them.
  • Teams can now be accessed during the break in-between rounds.
  • Team leaders have a new link to boot all "n/a" players from their team.

Bugs Fixed

  • Added several missing transactions affecting savings to the In & Out page.
  • Vehicles will move to the end of the line when a new driver is assigned to them (prevents a potential cheat).

Gold Membership Benefits

  • Stockpile of the share you own appearing on the ‘My Shares’ page.
  • When changing your office service you have the option to change all similar offices to the same service.

Sweden Round 3 in 2009 - July 12, 2009

Gameplay changes

  • Vehicle costs are now based on how many vehicles of that type you own. Previously, it was based on how many vehicles you owned altogether.
  • When a player goes bankrupt, the shares he owned will appear on the market 2 to 22 hours later (previously was 5-10 hours).

Team Changes

  • Teams can now have their own 468 x 80 logo.
  • Team leader can now change whether his team is public or private.
  • If you belong to a team, your team is displayed in your member profile.
  • The "Second in charge" of the team can now moderate forums, edit shout boxes, invite new players, and remove players from the team.

Interface Changes

  • New timers on the front page show when significant events in the game will occur.
  • The transactions listing now has the option to display CV change instead of Savings change.
  • You can now sell multiple zones at once.
  • The game screenshots have been updated.

Bugs Fixed

  • Added several missing transactions affecting savings to the In & Out page.
  • The "Trends: Produced Goods" page now sorts correctly even during week 1.
  • When multiple zone orders are placed, and one doesn't go through, the pricing of the second order is now adjusted correctly on the orders page.
  • Salary calculation page now works correctly.

Sweden Round 2 of 2009 - April 26, 2009

Gameplay changes:

  • Each player may only own 2 shares of another company (previous limit was 5)
  • Shares can no longer be removed from the market before they go on sale, unless they were marked for sale less than 30 minutes ago.
  • Fusions have been replaced with Teams. Any Gold Member can create and lead a team. All players are eligible to join a team. The Team leader can choose whether to leave the team open for anyone to register, or to have a private team.

Teams do not have any gameplay elements (no auctions, fusion dog, etc.), other than a simple ranking based on average company value (for teams with four or more members). Instead, teams are designed to give each team their own forum where they can chat in a group environment that is more personal than the main game forums.

Each team leader may appoint a "Second in charge" who will take over as leader if the team leader's company goes bankrupt or their gold membership runs out. If a team is left with no team leader, the team will be automatically disbanded.
Other changes:

  • The order of operations during server processing has changed. The most time-sensitive updates are completed first (such as order processing, generating new staff, pricing updates), and less time-critical updates are completed after that (such as moving goods from the warehouse to factories). This will reduce the amount of time you need to wait for things to happen at each ten minute tick, especially at the top of each hour or at midnight. This will also reduce the length of time that the 'Server Busy' page is displayed for non Gold Members.
  • Improved Gold Membership benefit: Your login session will now be automatically renewed as long as you are in the same browser session. This means you won't have to login again after 30 minutes even if your time has run out.
  • Your secretary will now send you a reminder message 24 hours before salaries are scheduled to be paid.

User interface changes:
Several improvements to the user interface have been made.

  • There is now a "select all" button for the inbox.
  • There is a "Send it now" link for partially loaded vehicles.
  • The currently selected office service is listed on the office listing page
  • Goods that your factories or shops use will be highlighted on the for sale page
  • Better transaction details are provided for shop sales and office service payments
  • On the vehicle detail page, the destination city is now clickable, so you don't

have to go to the starting city first.
Bugs fixed:
Several bugs have been fixed.

  • Factories must be placed on the map before they will increase purchase limits
  • Salary of staff working in offices was sometimes based on the wrong service
  • Stockpile was increasing on certain transactions where it should not have
  • Deconstructing a factory no longer changes daily production totals
  • Shops and offices are now numbered the same way factories are (to prevent

duplicate names)

  • The cutoff for new loans near the end of the round was one day earlier than


  • Avatars should now display correctly in all browsers (no detached feet)

Sweden Round 1 in 2009 - February 8, 2009

Gameplay Changes

  • Shop upgrades: Each shop will now have upgrades, similar to the upgrades available for factories. They follow the same rules: First upgrade is available after 1000 units sold, the second is available after 3500 units sold.
  • Pricing change: The multipliers used to calculate price changes have been changed to better simulate pricing based on supply and demand. We expect this will better balance the supply of goods on the market -- reducing queues of oversupplied goods and increasing the availability of some undersupplied goods. The new multipliers can be seen in the "x" column on the "Trends -> Calculation of market prices" page.

Interface Changes

  • Date of birth in your profile: The game will now store your full date of birth, rather than just your year of birth. This is in response to complaints about the game incorrectly making you a year older every January 1. For existing players, you can set your full date of birth (only once -- be careful to enter it correctly) by going to your profile. New players will be asked for their date of birth during registration. You can control whether to show your birthday with or without the year, or not show it at all.
  • Player names: You can now have spaces in your last name. For example, if you want your last name to be "Van Buren", that is now possible. The game will also now disallow setting your name to be the same as another player.
  • Transactions for production: You will now see transactions in your transaction list when your factories produce goods. They will show 0 iKr since you do not earn money from producing goods, but if you click on the transaction you will see the detail of how much Company Value you earned from it.
  • Staff listing: On the staff listing page, you can see how long before an absent employee returns by hovering over their name.
  • Building numbering: By request, new buildings will be numbered in a way to try to avoid duplicate names. This was mostly an issue when rebuilding factories.

Sweden mid-Round 5 in 2008 - December 13, 2008

  • Company logos at the top of the page will rotate every few minutes
  • Gold Members can now choose whether to see their own company logos or see logos from other players. This can be changed on the settings page.
  • C-Rank, S-Rank, and TO-Rank pages have been updated and have tooltip-style popups to show additional information
  • Donations to Today's TO-Player will now appear in your transaction list
  • On the unemployment page, the total number of unemployed people will always be displayed, even when no unemployed people are listed
  • End-of-round emails will include a transaction list to show the final activities of your company

Sweden Round 5 in 2008 - November 23, 2008

Gameplay changes

  • You can now receive stock points for up to five shares sold per day
  • Shops will now receive a 10% specialty bonus if they sell a good that matches the player's specialty.
  • You can cancel putting a share out for sale without having to wait for it to appear on the stock market.
  • Shares will take between 30 minutes and five hours to appear on the stock market.

Fusion changes

  • There will be only 20 fusions
  • Each fusion will start with 100,000 iKr

Interface changes

  • Better use of colors on staff listing page to separate employees who are absent from employees in training

Sweden Round 4 in 2008 - September 7, 2008

  • Maximum market price for goods is now 150, instead of 100.
  • When the production of a good rounds to 100% on the trends page, the market price will stay the same, instead of going down.
  • The warehouse can now be expanded beyond 15,000 (level 30). There is no maximum size.
  • You can now purchase 1500 goods per factory, raised from the previous limit of 1250.
  • Gold members will now have the option to pay salaries immediately, rather than having to schedule payment for the next half-hour.
  • Your fusion's forum will now be displayed on the front page so you will see activity in your fusion without having to go to your fusion.
  • Fusion auctions will not start until there are four companies in each fusion.
  • 10 minutes before the round ends, a final dividend payment will be made.
  • When the round ends, players will receive cash for all of their zones equivalent to what they could have sold them for. This means it is not necessary to deconstruct buildings and sell zones at the end of the round.
  • SMS (text message) payment option now available for Gold Membership.
  • Gold Members, Police, and Guides will have icons displayed next to their names as a way to show they are supporting the game.

Sweden Round 3 in 2008 - June 22, 2008

Gameplay changes:

  • Bank sales now generate transport assignments. By popular demand, transport assignments will be generated when a player buys goods from the bank. The originating city for the assignment will be the city of the company that originally sold the goods to the bank.
  • More realistic distance calculation. The distance between cities is now based on the actual geography of Sweden. In most cases this will result in longer distances between cities.
  • New purchase limits. A player may now place only one order per 60 seconds for a particular type of good. For goods that are in high demand, a player may only purchase 25% of the goods on the market at a time (minimum 250). This is to prevent a single player from purchasing all goods the instant they appear on the market.
  • No trash can. You can no longer dump goods in the trash.

Gold Member perks. The following new features are only available to players with Gold Memberships:

  • Sales In Shops page. A new trends page will show sales in shops.
  • Price history graphs. Graphs on the 'prices' page will show the price history of goods for the entire round.
  • Reliability and salary demand on unemployed list. Players with GM will be able to see this info without additional clicking.

Site changes (everyone):

  • New IRC-based chat system will provide a more reliable and feature-rich chat environment.
  • Car icons on unemployed list will show which staff have driver's licenses

Mid-round changes

  • throughout the round — corrections to Records lists, which had a number of issues
  • 27 July — events which cause jumps in dissatisfaction are now logged on the Absence prevention measures page.
  • 19 August — bankruptcies due to negative CV or 21-day timeout are now processed at every 10 minute tick, not just at the five previous special times of day. Negative savings are still compensated with CV at those five times only. Only a limited number of bankruptcies are processed per tick; the rest are queued for later ticks.
  • 25 August — "Gold member" link on right side menu replaced with "Support TO", which points to an expanded list of items

Sweden Round 2 in 2008 - April 6, 2008

  • Employee retraining added, allowing managers to change profession of staff members.

Sweden Version 1.5 - April 2006 - Nov 2007

The colour of employee names

The colours of the names of drivers and builders are now displayed in blue when they are using their professions.

The " symbol

You can now use the " symbol when making searches for forum text and player and company names.

Selling of zones

You may now sell zones to the bank. The price you get is half the price you paid for your last bought zone.

Delay when selling shares and firing staff

A delay has been implemented when you sell shares and fire employees. It will take 60-120 minutes before shares put for sale appear on the stockmarket, and fired staff appear on the list of unemployed people.

Delay upon bankruptcy

When a company goes bankrupt, it will take 5-10 hours before the shares held by the company and staff employed by are available for purchase/hire.

Delay when selling zones

When a company goes bankrupt, or if a player sells a zone, it will take 5-10 hours before the zones are made available for purchase from the bank.

Staff statistics improved

The statistics of generated staff has been increased. The change to profession points is the greatest, which makes it more important to match employees with buildings where they utilise their professions than before.

Factories sorted by the chain they belong to

Factories on the "Build factory"-list are now sorted by the chain of products that they belong to. This way, you can now easily see what buildings produce the various levels of each raw material.

Secretary information box

An information box appears in the interface when you receive new messages from your secretary.

More focus on the login page

The username or the password is focused when you have loaded the login page (depending on whether you have allowed your browser to remember it or not).

New menu system

A new menu system which gradually opens up the left hand menu links has been implemented. As your company grows, more links are unlocked, and you are informed of the new links by your secretary.

No company value for purchasing zones

You no longer increase your company value when purchasing zones.

Property tax

You now pay a property tax of 50 iKr per unused zone you own at midnight. This is to prevent players from having lots of unused zones which other players could make good use of.

Reset every day

You can now reset your company once every day instead of once every week.

Malmö no longer default choice

Malmö is no longer the default choice when choosing a city to base your company in.

Random city choice

You can now choose to let the game suggest a random city to be based in upon starting a new company.

Next possible time of going through with an absence prevention measure

On the "Absence prevention measure" page, you will now be given the exact time upon which you may again use a specific absence prevention measure.

Changed registration process

The registration process has been altered so that you now have to verify your e-mail address in the first stage of registration instead of in the last one. This has been changed because many players register with an invalid e-mail address, and do not receive the registration mail they need.

Name in bold fonts

Your player name is now displayed in bold writing when you view the ranking lists.

Zone sections in different colours

The colours of each zone section when you view an entire city now informs you of how occupied the section is. The brighter the colour is, the more available zones there are in it.

Rebuilt records page

The records page has been rebuilt so that you may click a record to view the 50 closest runner-ups to the record.

New records

New records: "Highest salary payout", "Most employees", "Most vehicles", "Most goods produced in one day (by a member)", "Highest mileage", "Highest total production in one factory", "Highest total sales in one shop", "Highest production by one factory in one day", "Most sales by one shop in one day", and "Most company value earned by one vehicle".

Record removed

The record "Most debts" has been removed because it was a pointless record.

Profit per vehicle

You may now view how much company value in iKr each vehicle has earned on their vehicle profiles.

Share boosting prevented

A change has been made so that a company's stockpile does not grow when it sells goods it has not produced itself. This prevents boosting of dividend payouts to make shares look more attractive than they are.

Upgrading of factories

Factories may now be upgraded in two stages. The first upgrade is possible when the factory reaches 1000 total units produced. The second upgrade is possible when the factory has produced a total of 3500 units of goods.

New map graphics

All buildings have received graphic images on the map. Each building type has received its own picture, and the harbour rotates automatically to fit in its location.

10 employees per day

You may now employ a maximum of 10 employees per day.

Four new warehouse levels

You may now upgrade the warehouse to a maximum level of 30. This will allow you to store up to 15000 units of goods.

Records updated at the end of each round

Records are now updated upon the end of each round so that records made the last day of the round will be included.

User agreement text updated

The user agreement text that you accept when registering or reactivating your account has been updated.

Sweden Version 1.4 - May 2005 - April 2006

More Firefox-optimised

Parts of Tycoon Online have been made more optimised for the Firefox browser.

Days played is no longer reset when you go bankrupt

"Days played this round" on your member profile is no longer reset when you go bankrupt. This is only done at the end of each round.

Switching off the quick help function

A toggle has been added to the "Settings" page, allowing you to switch the quick help function on and off.

Only finished buildings displayed on the company profile

From now on, only buildings that have been finished are listed on your company profile page. Before, incomplete buildings would also be counted.

Graphic map

Every city now has its own graphic map that you will use when buying zones, placing buildings or studying your city.

Zone purchases treated as orders

Purchases of zones now need to be processed as orders to prevent several players purchasing the same zones.

Conversion of factories removed

It is no longer possible to convert factories. Conversion of factories would not work with the new graphic map.

Sorting of staff

Unemployed people are now by default sorted by production points. The pages "Unemployed people" and "My staff" also remember your latest choices by sorting through cookies.

Road bonus

Factories, shops and offices located adjacent to a road receive a 30% bonus to their production.

Windmill -> Flour mill.

The windmill has been renamed to flour mill

Surgery -> Clinic

The surgery has been renamed to clinic.

Provision shop -> Grocery store

The provision shop has been renamed to grocery store.

Inbox bug fixed

When you delete a message from your outbox, you are no longer directed back to your inbox.

Today's TO player change

You can only become Today's TO player if you donated to the previous Today's TO player.

Net worth -> Company value

The term "Net worth" has been changed to "Company value".

Indication of forum posts

Forum posts are now displayed in bold text and grey colour even inside the forum. This applies only to gold members.

Unserious posts

Administrators can now mark forum posts as unserious posts so that they are no longer displayed among the posts on the main page.

Ranking logos

You can now award points to company logos. The company logos are shown on top of the browser for non-paying members and before logging in. The number of points that a logo receives during one week determines how often it is displayed for the non-paying members.

Username on your member profile

Your user name is now displayed on your member profile.

More information on the dropdown menu

The number of links and amount of information on the dropdown menu has been increased.

Dropdown menu now a gold membership bonus

The dropdown menu created when moving your cursor over your member name is now a gold member only function.


Staff absence is now based on the dissatisfaction of your staff, which is a percentage. This percentage increases when certain events occur (see the "Staff" help file).

Absence prevention measures

You can decrease your staff's dissatisfaction, and thus the risk of absence, by carrying out a number of absence prevention measures.

Presence -> Reliability

The "Presence" rating on employee profiles has been changed to "Reliability".

The reliability value

Reliability can be a number between 50-99%.

Calculation of absence

A new algorithm for calculation of absence is now being used (see the "Staff" help file).

Social fees x2

Social fees have been decreased from 3% to 2% per person employed.

Shop warehouses

You can now choose how many units per type of goods that shops collect from your warehouse. This way, you can, for instance, choose that a stone shop should not sell stone.

Country on your member profile

You can now choose what country you are from on your member profile.

Language on your member profile

The TO language version you are using is now displayed on your member profile.

The "Server is making calculations" page

The number of seconds left on the "Server is making calculations" page must now expire before you can continue the game. Before, it was enough that the server finished its calculations.

Customer price bonus

You now receive a 1 iKr bonus to customer prices in shops per 50 000 units of a product's supply materials there is present on the market.

Recruiting members

You can now recruit members. When a member recruited by you pays for gold membership, you receive yourself 2 days of gold membership. A top 20 list has been created, displaying the 20 players who have recruited the most active members.

New share system

The share system has been changed. Among other things, you can now see the price you paid for each of your shares, as well as receive stock points for selling shares that have risen in value (see the "Stocks" help file).

New share limit

You can now own a maximum of 5 shares per company.

Round beginning and end information

Information about the beginning and the end of the round has been added to the main page. Before, there was no way to see this without logging out of the game.

Improved help files

You can now add your own comments to each help file. This can be tips and hints, as well as information that you find should be included in the help files.

Member shoutbox

Gold members can now submit text displayed on their member profiles.

Customer prices

A new page has been added to shops displaying customer prices as well as customer price bonuses.

Reserving your company name

Gold members may now reserve their company names so that no other player can use it the next round.

New chain of buildings

Cotton can be produced on cotton fields. Cotton mills can refine cotton to thread, and tailor workshops can produce clothes from thread. In addition, clothes shops sell clothes to the populations of Tycoon Online.

Rewritten help files

The English help files have been almost entirely rewritten to add new contents as well as to improve and increase the amount of information provided.

Edited in-game texts

The English in-game texts have been thoroughly edited to improve grammar and correct misspellings.

Sweden Version 1.3 - 2003 - May 2005

New pictures

The factories sawmill and forest has been given new pictures.

Diagrams on the "Trends" pages

There are now diagrams on the "Trends" pages. However, it is still only gold members who have diagrams displayed.

Summary of the number of buildings

This summary can be seen on the dropdown menu created when you move your cursor over your member name on the top left of the browser.

Editing building names

You can now edit the names of your own factories, shops and offices.

Female avatars

When registering, you can now choose whether you are male of female. Male players are given male avatars while female players are given female avatars.

Salary account

A new account reserved for the payment of salaries has been created.

Net worth losses caused by spent savings are rounded upwards

When spending your savings, the net worth loss you cause is always rounded upwards.

Left menu restructured

The links that allow you to build factories, shops and offices are now located under the "Factories", "Shops" and "Offices" overview pages.

Wider forum posts

The width of forum posts is now 500 pixels instead of 400.


This is a new database over frequently asked questions and their answers. The FAQ list is administrated by the TO police.

Fixed forum bugs

There has used to be some bugs with using the forums, mainly when using the letters å, ä and ö as well as when posting URLs. These have been fixed.

No blank posts

There is a new controller in the forums that does not allow empty headlines and empty posts when posting or commenting on a thread.


An anti-spam filter makes it impossible to spam the forums and the personal message function. You can no longer send the same message several times after each other.

Submit member number and company number

You can now submit member and company numbers directly on the member page and the company page.

Editing secretary name

You can now edit the name of your secretary.

Summary of "My objects"

On the "My objects" page, you will now see the sum of all your goods on the market and their value.

Number of sold units on the "In and out" page

The number of units sold on the market is now displayed on the "In and out" page.

Payment of loans on the "In and out" page

Payment of loans is now displayed on the "In and out" page.

Friends list

A friends list has been added with the possibility of changing your friends' forum post text colours. Only gold members receive the benefit of this addition.


The possibility of creating, editing and saving permanent texts that can be kept independently of Tycoon Online versions and rounds.

Construction times

The time (number of construction points) that it takes to construct a building now varies from building to building. The time depends on what type of building it is and how many zones it occupies.

Designing your avatar

You may now design your own avatar. This applies to gold members only.

Overview of all cities

A new page that displays a table over all cities in Tycoon Online has been created.

Reserved warehouse space

You can now store goods in a reserved part of the warehouse where factories and shops leave goods alone.

Overview of awards received

A new "Awards" page has been created, displaying all awards received during the round.

Trashing goods

You can now trash goods by moving them to your trashcan from the "Warehouse" page.

Clickable bonus goods

You can now click the bonus number found when clicking a type of goods in your warehouse. By doing this, you select a number of units equal to the number of market bonus units you have earned.

Awards increase share rate

Your share rate will now receive a 10% boost ever time you receive an award.

"Cancel" link

A new "Cancel" link has been added to the order list, which allows you to click company names when buying shares without the order being cancelled.

Diagram on the "Changes" page

The diagram on the "Changes" page will now only display for gold members.

Age of forum posts

You can now choose how old forum posts can become before they are no longer displayed on your forum list. The options are 7, 14, 21, 28 and 70 days.

Bankrupt companies

On your member profile, companies you have run bankrupt are now displayed during the rest of the remaining round.


You can have staff in factories, shops and offices.

Building several buildings at once

You can now build several buildings at once.

Production specialisation bonus

When registering your company, you now get to choose a field of specialisation yielding a 10% production bonus.

Displaying your e-mail

You can now toggle whether you want to display your e-mail address on your member profile on the "Settings" page.

Max 10 shares

You can now own a maximum of 10 shares in each company. This is to prevent cheating.

Market bonus when purchasing goods

To encourage more market trading, there is now a market purchase bonus. This bonus refunds 20% of money spent on goods on the market that is used in factories.

New script against double accounts

A new script has been created to more easily be able to delete double accounts.

Live clock

The clock up right on the browser is now updated automatically. If you prefer the old clock that only updates when you refresh a page, you can toggle it back on the "Settings" page.

Updates introduced after the launch of version 1.3

Login metre

There is now a login metre below your left hand menu that displays time left before your login session expires.

Today's TO player

Every night at 00:00, a Today's TO player is randomly chosen from the players who logged in during the previous day. Other players may then choose to donate money to Today's TO player.


A page showing different Tycoon Online records has been created. This page is updated at 23:50 every day.

Share development

Company profiles now display a table over the development of the company's shares during the round. Gold members will even have a diagram illustrating the changes to share rate.

Searching the forums

On the "Search" page, you can now search for either members and companies or forum posts.

Latest forum posts status

On the main page, active forum threads are now displayed in bold lettering. This applies only to gold members.

Indication of new comments

When opening a forum post, the date of new posts is displayed in bold lettering. This applies only to gold members.

Additions to the "For sale" page

The "For sale" page now displays "Going out", "My warehouse" and "My orders".

Number of shares

On the "Shares" page, under "My company", there is now a summary of the number of shares you own and their total value.

Staff points

You can now choose to display your staff's points on your employee roster.

Red text on the "Orders" page

Orders that have been processed without going through are now displayed in red text.


The first version of fusions is launched.

Green colour on the latest logged in time

Members and companies currently logged in have their latest log in time displayed in green.

Sweden Version 1.2 - 2003

iKr equalisation

When loaning money, there is now something called iKr equalisation. This affects the money that "disappears" when interest decimals are removed.

Total loan repayment

On the "Loans" page, you can now see how big your total downpayment per day is.

Manual down payments

It is now possible to make manual down payments on your loans. However, every down payment costs you 100 iKr of administrative fees.

Net worth increase for zones

When you buy zones, you now receive a net worth increase equal to 1/15 of the price of the zones.

New forum

A new forum has been added to the game, the developer's forum. Here, only members with the developer-status may post threads and comments.

The bank puts the goods it buys for sale on the market

The bank will now immediately put out for sale the goods that it buys from players. If a company goes bankrupt, the bank will assume ownership of its goods and sell these as well. All goods seen on Tycoon Online’s market originate from the factories of players.

Market delay

When a forum thread is deleted, all comments made to it are deleted as well.

Deconstruction of offices

It is now possible to deconstruct offices.

4 new factories

These new factories are: Oil drill, plastic industry, refinery and toy factory.

2 new shops

These new shops are: Gas station and toy store.

Production per hour in factories and shops varies more

The number of units produced or sold every hour in different factories and shops varies more greatly.


If you move your cursor over your member name on top of your browser, under the logo, you bring up an information dropdown menu.

1 new office

This new office is the hotel.

4 new commodities

These new commodities are: Gasoline, oil, plastic and toys.

Clickable C-rank and S-rank

The C-rank and S-ranks (both on the lists and on the dropdown menu) are now clickable. Clicking the C-rank link brings up the company listings and clicking the S-rank link brings up the member listings.

Calculation of service prices

The calculation of new service prices now calculates a price change of 10, 20 or 30 iKr instead of 3, 6 and 9 iKr.


Each company now has 50 shares instead of 20.

New "Trends" pages

Two new "Trends" pages have been created. One shows total sales of each type of goods on the market, while the other shows sales to the bank.

Calculation of share rates

The calculation of share rates is now done with an entirely new formula.

Logged in

You can now see if a member is logged in or not on his or her member profile.

1/15 of warehouse upgrade cost to net worth

When upgrading your warehouse, you now receive a net worth increase equal to 1/15 of the cost of the upgrade. This used to be 1/10.

Service demand and number of inhabitants

The service demands per day are now 1 hour per 20 inhabitants instead of 1 hour per 10 inhabitants. The number of inhabitants is now increased by 300-500 per company instead of 200-300.


The game is now built with frames. This has unfortunately not yet improved the game.

Being logged out after a certain amount of time

You are no longer logged out after a certain amount of time. However, you are automatically logged out if you are inactive in more than 20 minutes.

Game clock displays seconds

The TO game clock now also displays seconds.

Poll of the week bonus

Voting on the poll of the week now yields a bonus in iKr equal to 1% of your net worth.

This week's winner and loser

On the bottom of the browser, you will now find information about the week's winner and loser. These are the companies that have increased and decreased their share rate the most.

Dividend from shares

You now only receive dividend from your 50 most valuable shares.

Number of offices

On the main page, the number of offices is now displayed.

Improved registering system

The registering system has been improved to stop errors from occurring.

Improved login system

The login system has been reprogrammed. Among other things, you now play in sessions. You are no longer automatically logged out, which often happened in 1.1.

Improved system when selling goods to the bank

The system was reprogrammed to avoid goods being sold twice.

Option of sorting shares on the "My shares" page

It is now possible to choose how "My shares" is sorted. You can now find share statuses here, which allows you to see if any similar shares are being sold.

Latest forum threads

On your main page, there is now a "Latest threads" list which displays the latest active forum threads.

Reprogrammed market

A new system is being used to avoid goods and shares being sold twice.

Calculation of market prices

The size of price changes is now determined by the level of goods.

Calculation after 4 days

New market price calculations are now made after 4 days instead of 8.

Companies per city

You can now see what companies are based in each city.

New award

The growth award is given to the player who has increased his company value the most during the last week.


On the "Changes" page, there is now a diagram showing C-rank and S-rank.


There is now a page showing the TOP ranking list.

Sweden Version 1.1 - 2003?

Many errors have been fixed and diagrams have been visually improved. Diagrams have also been added to new parts of the game.

Sorting and parting of pages

More pages have been given the possibility of sorting by, and displaying, the information you desire. Long lists (e.g. company lists and shares) are broken down into pages of 40 rows per page.


The transaction list has been completely reprogrammed. Transactions are now clickable and provide more information than before.


The news system has been improved. This makes it easier to publish and view game news. There has been created a new forum where news posts are displayed as regular forum posts and are open for player comments. You cannot post new threads in this forum.

Member structure

A completely new member structure has been created. Now, you first create a member profile, and then you found your company. It is now members, instead of companies, who own shares. Thus, it is possible to choose never to found a company and play only the stock market part of the game.

Cost of factories, shops and offices

Whenever you construct a building, information about how the money is spent is displayed.

Length of Round

The round was previously 100 days, now shrunk to 70 days.


You can now select and delete several messages at once.

The search function

A new page has been created where you can search for members or companies.

Clickable member and company names

Clicking member and company names brings up the profiles of these members or companies.

The warehouse

When founding your company, you have room for 500 units. This can be upgraded 10 times to a maximum of 5 000 units. Further, goods put out for sale on the market no longer occupies warehouse space, and factories continue producing goods when the warehouse is full.

Production per hour in factories and shops varies more

The number of units produced or sold every hour in different factories and shops varies more greatly.


If you move your cursor over your member name on top of your browser, under the logo, you bring up an information dropdown menu.

6 new factories

These new factories are: Brewery, farm, newspaper printing press, paper factory, slaughterhouse and stone chopping house.

2 new shops

These new shops are: Kiosk and liquor shop.

6 new commodities

These new commodities are: Alcohol, newspapers, paper, pigs, marble and sausages.

New building type: Office

There will be 3 different types of offices: Advertising agency, painters shop and surgery.

Wealth tax

From now on, you have to pay wealth tax from your savings once every week.

Negative balance is compensated for by net worth

From here of, if you have a negative balance at midnight, you must pay your debts with your net worth.

The forum

A new forum, the News forum has been added (see above). There are colours and quick popup for formatted text. The possibility of deleting and editing posts and comments has been added.


The option of selling shares to other players has been added. You can now buy 5 shares per day. Also, more information is given about dividend payments and you do no longer receive dividend on your own shares.

Deconstructing buildings

You can now deconstruct buildings before they have been finished (cancel the construction).

The market

An entirely new market is introduced, where you cannot decide the price of your goods, but have to sell your goods at the market price.


You may now take up loans from the bank.


You can now make investments, converting money to net worth.

Change your name

It is now possible to change your in-game name (although not your company name).

Popup windows

You can now choose to have member and company profile pages open in popup windows.

Deactivating your profile

You may now choose to deactivate your profile (remove it).

Account reset

You can now only reset your account once every week.


You can now buy zones one at a time.


A new page has been created showing the popularity of different buildings and goods.


Your username can now be saved as a cookie so that you no longer have to submit it every time you log in.

Show only buildings you can afford

You can now choose to have the game not display buildings you cannot afford.

Bank information page

This is a new page that shows the assets of the bank.

Message from your secretary

You are now notified by your secretary when a company you hold shares in goes bankrupt. You no longer receive messages when your factories lack production supplies or your shops lack goods to sell.

Conversion of factories

You may now convert factories to another type of factory instead of first deconstructing it, and then building a new one.

Inactive players are removed after 3 weeks

Inactive players used to be removed after 2 weeks, which caused your company to be deleted if you went on vacation. This has been increased to 3 weeks instead.


Two awards are given to players every Monday. The wealth award is given to the player with the most savings, and the growth award is given to the player that increases the net worth of his or her company the most during the previous week.

Sweden Version 1.0, Round 2 - 2002?

- Date of forum messages are updated when someone writes a response.
- Last login on business updated at each activity in the game.
- Wheat Farm is now wheat field.
- Photos of the wheat field, Bakery, Food Retail, Rock Shop, Business Furniture, Joinery and flour mill are now available.
- You can only build one building at a time(Changed in future).
- There are now able to sell material to the bank.
- There are now three different types of players: business owners, caretakers and administrators.
- Help tag to generate a link to the specific topic of the forum topics. This applies only to persons who are "messengers" or "administrator". Is it the will to help tags via a link sidanom message box.
- Home page shows more information about the game.
- Sorting Options on the market which now also shows the market price of the goods.
- You can "re-enable their business" if you played the previous version of the game.
- High values (over 1000) is formatted with a space. Eg 10000 printed as 10 000.
- You can tear factories and stores.
- Unranked companies (less than 10 minutes old) are now N/A ranking, instead of 0 and is not on the company list.
- There is now a page that shows the assets and business value has changed. Changes the name of the page and are among the other links in the menu, this page also uses a new graph-module "to give a good overview.
- You can "restart" their company if you think it has gone bad and want to make a new attempt.
- More cities (total 20).
- More Balas total market.
- Only 10 000 iKr in assets at the start (earlier it was 15 000).
- A more complete set of help texts.