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Okay this does not seem to answer the question but is good info so to really answer the question of how. you need to go to the staff page link on left of page then choose the unemployed staff tab.

Next choose a staff member and press the hire button



Builders will only be on the market for about 20 minutes.


When at the Staff Page, click on Absence Prevention Measures. It is best at 1%, and worst at 100%.

If your staff is dissatisfied, you can take one or more of the absence prevention measures to reduce your dissatisfaction percentage. These measures are located behind a link on the staff page appropriately titled “Absence Prevention Measures”. This won't make absent employees come back sooner, but it will reduce the likelihood of them going absent in the first place.

To make absent employees come back faster in the US version, you can use 5 credits to call them back as soon as the next ten minute session starts.

When your employees go absent, it is usually best to move them to the head office so that you can replace them with another employee, keeping your factory running smoothly. You will probably want to keep a few extra employees available at all times so that you can quickly replace employees that go absent.


There is no way to make Attribute Points or Production Points increase faster.

Every 110 ticks (18 hours and 20 minutes), an employee becomes eligible for improvement. To use RPG-style language, a 20-sided die is rolled for each eligible employee. If the roll is less than 10, no attribute improvement occurs and the employee's counter for when he becomes eligible is reset.

If the roll is 10-13, he will gain 1 point. 14-15: 2 points, 16-17: 3 points, 18-19: 4 points, 20: 5 points.

If a 7-sided die comes up 7, the employee's profession points are increased by the number of points already determined. Otherwise, a 5-sided die is rolled to determine which of the 5 attribute points are increased. No attribute can exceed 100 points.

Once the process is completed the employee's tick counter is reset to 0.

There is a chance an employee will gain points after he has accumulated 40 ticks but before he reaches 110 ticks. This is determined by selecting a random number between 40 and 110. Any employee at the exact number of ticks matching the random number will go through the process described above.

An employee's tick counter does not increase while he is in training, absent, or in the head office.


Any person will work in any building, but only people who can drive can be in a vehicle.

Type Employee Specialization Building
Factories: Baker Bakery
Brewery Worker Brewery
Carpenter Carpentry
Cotton Harvester Cotton Field
Spinner Cotton Mill
Fisherman Fishing Fleet
Miller Flourmill
Woodcutter Forest
Fish Gutter Harbor
Journalist Newspaper Printing House
Oil Driller Oil Drill
Paper Extractor Paper Factory
Pig Farmer Pig Farm
Plastic Extruder Plastic Industry
Stone Extractor Quarry
Refinery Worker Refinery
Sawmill Worker Sawmill
Butcher Slaughterhouse
Stone Refiner Stone Chopping House
Tailor Tailor Workshop
Toy Manufacturer Toy Factory
Farmer Wheat Field
Shops: Furniture Seller Furniture Shop
Gas Seller Gas Station
Grocer Grocery Store
Kiosk Assistant Kiosk
Liquor Salesman Liquor Store
Stone Seller Stone Shop
Toy seller Toy store
Offices: Graphic Artist Advertising Agency
Hotel Manager Hotel
Painter Painters Shop
Doctor Clinic
Other: Builder Any building under construction
Driver Any vehicle

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