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[[Help Files Index Page]] <br />
[[Help Files Index Page]] <br />
[[Tycoon Online FAQ]]</div>
[[Tycoon Online FAQ]] <br />
[[Tycoon Online Howto Guides|Tycoon Online - How to Guides]]<br />
[[Strategy and How to Guides]]</div>
[[Tycoon Online Getting Started For Dummies]]<br /> (Be warned: this really is a "give it to you on a plate" guide.) <br />
[[Game history]] - rules changes and results for all rounds of all versions
[[Game history]] - rules changes and results for all rounds of all versions

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Welcome to the Tycoon Online WIKI - here to help you.

The TO Guy

We are currently building this site so the structure is changing fast. Please feel free to join in. However, if unsure, please ask Gunzour, Master Yoda, or Neil Graham for advice on how to help and what needs doing (community portal link on left has info on what needs doing and what's currently being planned). Also please see the help page for a quick guide to editing.


Game history - rules changes and results for all rounds of all versions

If you see a mistake on a page, feel free to edit it. However, keep in mind that this is a resource for all players so take care when editing. Please edit, but edit with due care and concern for others, and do not take offense if someone corrects or changes your work.

If you see a link that is in red, feel free to click it and add the content. However, if you do not wish to add the content, then please do not click it.


Tycoon Online began in Sweden, and added English language support early on. It has added four other language versions since, with different maps to match. More extended language support is on the way.

Tycoon Online versions
Map Language(s) Game URL Wiki URL
Sweden Swedish http://www.tycoononline.com, http://www.tycoononline.nu http://wiki.tycoononline.nu
English http://wiki.tycoononline.com
Portugal Portuguese http://www.tycoononline.com.pt http://wiki.tycoononline.com.pt
Turkey Turkish http://www.tycoononline.gen.tr http://wiki.tycoononline.gen.tr
Netherlands Dutch http://www.tycoononline.nl http://wiki.tycoononline.nl
United States English http://usa.tycoononline.com http://wiki.tycoononline.com

Special note to US version players

Most of the current wiki is based on the Swedish version of TO, and you will see a few differences in terminology from the US version. The important ones are:

  • The currency in TO-Sweden is the iKr. It is exactly the same as the i$ currency in TO-United States.
  • The transport vehicles called trains in TO-United States are called ships in other versions, including TO-Sweden.
  • Transport distances are in miles (mi) in TO-United States, kilometers (km) in other versions.

(This note also appears on the Help Files Index Page.)

See also

Other resources for guidance and help with Tycoon Online are:

Tycoon Online Academy Site.
The Official Blog

Other languages: Dutch Portuguese Swedish Turkish