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Yes! On the right hand menu, click on Live Chat!

The chat is run on an IRC server and can be interacted with better with the usage of an IRC client. I will explain fully but first for those who know what IRC is the server is on and the chat room is called to-chat.

Ok so your still reading this probably means you have not got a clue about what I just said above with regards to your IRC.

What is IRC?

IRC stands for Internet Relay Chat. It's the oldest, largest, and most well-established text-based chat system on the 'Net. In fact, it's one of the most popular services on the Net as a whole, just behind the Web and email. Yes even more popular than TO....... possibly

Which Client?

ok there are way too many clients for me to give you a full list and guides on them all, I wll however give a guide for mIRC which is the one I am currently using, it is shareware but after your started you can move to a free one or you can register mIRC.

please see this WIKI link for more details on clients that are out there.

So how do I get started

Well if you have down loaded the client we can get started.

Choose File from the menu on the top left then Select Server a new popup window opens. In the new window you should select Add now another popup comes in here for description simply add something like TO in the box for IRC Server add

Leave all the other boxes blank and click add now select the new server you have just created open it.

the server will start up you should be promted for a channel to join if not type /join #to-chat as seen here, well done you are in.

I will add to this guide soon with more details of IRC commands and how to chat but for now if you wish to change your name try /nick myname

Good luck see you in chat soon

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