Game history - Sweden, Version 1.5, Round 5

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(This is a stub page. Table data will be added soon as time permits. If you have information on game changes made in this round, please feel free to add it. Thanks!)

Round dates:

Changes this round


Italics indicate an all-time record at the time it was set. The record may have been passed in later rounds.

Overall totals
Item Count Date
Number of active members
Number of active companies
Number of factories built
Number of shops built
Number of offices built
Total goods produced in one day
Logins in one day
Number of votes cast in a poll
Members logged in
Individual records
Item Member Total Date
Highest share rate
Highest company value
Biggest total dividend paid in one week
Most savings
Most zones owned
Most savings on the salary account
Most goods produced in one day
Highest salary payout
Most employees
Most vehicles
Total goods produced in one day
Highest milage
Highest total production in one factory
Most total sales in one shop
Highest production in one factory in one day
Most sales in one shop in one day
Company value earned by a vehicle

C-rank Leaderboard

Version 1.5 Round 5 - C-rank Leaders
Company President C-value CV behind winner C-rank

S-rank Leaderboard

Version 1.5 Round 5 - S-rank Leaders
Player Dividend points DP behind winner S-rank