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What is a fusion?

A fusion is a group of companies. Their goal is to get a higher average CV than the other fusions in the game.

There are a maximum of 40 fusions.


Fusion leader (FL)

  • The boss. Makes all the decisions, with help from the other fusion members of course.

All the members decide who is going to be FL by voting.

The FL can:

  • Join auctions, the players vote about joining for real.
  • Make bids when the auction has started.
  • Change the shout box.
  • Change the fusion name.

Fusion dog (FD)

  • The company that gets traded away if we buy another company. All the members decide who is going to be FD by voting. It's recommended to vote on the company with lowest net worth for FD.

(However since the fusion dog can not be entered into an auction by the system some fusions will use this FD status to protect a vulnerable company)


  • Fusions buy companies from other fusions on auctions. Companies are randomly placed on auction except the FL and FD. Auctions that your fusion are involved in are marked with blue text.

Total net worth

  • The net worth of all the companies in the fusion added together.

Fusion worth

  • The total net worth, divided with the total number of companies in the fusion.

Fusion rank (F-rank)

  • The F-rank is based on the Fusion worth and can be seen under My company --> Fusions in the left menu.


  • The fusion gets money from the members. But the members don't lose money by being in a fusion.

The fusion gets 1 iKr for:

  • every unit produced
  • every unit sold in shops
  • every 20 iKr invested.

Shout box

  • The text box on the front page, where the FL writes.

What should I do?

  1. Read the shout box for updates and follow the directions given.
  2. Check your Fusion Leader vote.
  3. Check your Fusion Dog vote.
  4. Check the auctions page. If any auction is marked with blue text it means that your fusion is in it. Clicking on the auction allows you to vote on whether or not you want your fusion to join.
  5. Read, write, be active in the forum.
  6. Repeat from nr. 1 every time you log in and see if something has changed.

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