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Teams are groups of players who band together to chat. Each team has a chat forum, and all teams are listed in a friendly competition, ranked by average company value.

Teams replaced fusions, a more structured form of competition. They were first introduced with the TO-United States game. Teams were added to TO-Sweden in round 2 of 2009.

Any gold member may start a team. At the time it is created, the team leader designates whether the team is active (any active player, gold member or not) may join, or private (players join by invitation only). The team leader may change the team name at any time. The team leader can also designate a second in command, remove players from the team, and edit the team shout box. The second in command needs to be a gold member as well.

Any active player, gold member or not, may join any existing team. They may join public teams on their own, or they may join private teams by invitation.

Any team member, including the team leader, may quit the team at any time. If the team leader quits, the second in commmand becomes team leader. If there is no second, or if the second in command is not a gold member, the highest-ranked gold member on the team becomes team leader. If a team has no gold members left, it is dissolved.

Teams do not affect the Tycoon Online economy. Your company cannot gain or lose money or ranks by being part of a team. Teams have their own forums for discussion. Here, players can get in touch, help each other out and cooperate. An active team adds more fun to Tycoon Online. Make use of your team's forum!

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