5.3 Fine - Exceeding warehouse capacity

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When you own more goods than you have room for in your warehouse, the goods are placed outside of it. This is not allowed, and you are penalized for the lack of space. Every hour your goods owned exceeds your warehouse capacity, you have to pay a fine equal to 1 iKr per unit of goods placed outside of your warehouse.

For instance:

Your warehouse can hold 500 units. You own 550 units of goods. This means that 50 units have been placed outside of the warehouse.

How much will you be fined every hour?

50 units X 1 iKr = 50 iKr / hour. You will be fined 1 iKr per unit per hour that you keep exceeding your warehouse capacity.

Players can be fined for exceeding the warehouse capacity during the hourly check. Since factories stop producing when the warehouse is full, the most likely way to overflow the warehouse is with a goods purchase. Care must be taken when purchasing goods at the top of the hour, as factory production can temporarily fill your warehouse more than expected. Then the additional goods purchased can overflow the warehouse.

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