4.4 The warehouse

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When you produce or buy goods from the market, the goods are stored in your warehouse. The warehouse has limited capacity, and if you produce or buy more products than you can store inside of your warehouse, the goods will be placed outside of the warehouse, and you will be penalized (see the "Fine - Exceeding warehouse capacity" help file).

When founding your company, your warehouse can hold a total of 500 units of goods. You have the possibility of upgrading your warehouse, increasing the capacity by 500 units of goods every time to a maximum of, well there is no actual maximum the limit is what can you afford . The cost for upgrading starts at 2 000 and increases by 2 000 every time you upgrade.

Factories that require supplies and shops that require merchandise to sell remove the goods they need from your warehouse automatically.

On the "Warehouse" page, you can see how many units of each type of goods you currently have in stock, and whether you have goods placed on the market.

Locking goods

Locked goods are moved to a reserved corner of your warehouse and made unavailable for use. Factories and shops will not remove locked goods from your warehouse. The goods will stay in your warehouse until you decide to unlock them or move them to the market.

Note that locked goods also count towards your warehouse capacity!

If your warehouse is not full, in one movement you can only move as many goods from warehouse to locked warehouse as you have free space.

For example, Your warehouse holds 4000 goods and you have 3800 oil in your warehouse. You can only move 200 oil to the locked warehouse at a time. You can repeat the move as many times as you like but will only be able to move 200 oil at a time.

Moving products

When viewing your warehouse, you can move goods to and from the market, lock or unlock goods in the warehouse, or simply dump your goods at the garbage heap. This is done by clicking the row and goods you want to move, choosing where you want to move them, and choosing how many you want to move.

While your warehouse may exceed its capacity if factories produce more goods than it can hold, you cannot exceed your warehouse capacity by moving goods from the market to the warehouse. Goods attempted moved from the market to the warehouse will fill up your warehouse to its maximum capacity, and then leave the rest of the goods lying on the market. This is to prevent storing of large amounts of goods on the market. Hint: Always check your warehouse when logging in. A full warehouse costs you increasing amounts of penalties every hour you leave it exceeding its capacity!

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